Abraham von Waffles + Squid Vishuss. Photo: Tyson Call @clancycoop
(L–R) Jordan Halliday, Amy Meyer, Dave Morris, Jeremy Beckham and Lidya Hardy are part of the SLC VegFest team working toward a more compassionate, sustainable and healthful Salt Lake City. Photo: Talyn Sherer
(L–R) Thomas Roberts, Zeke Hartmann, Andrew Goldring, Ajl Anderson and Christian Lucy bring the ancient Byzantium to life through dynamic and conceptual indie rock. Photo: Russel Daniels
Per Noi Trattoria's Arancini. Photo: Talyn Sherer
Now in its 11th year, the Republic of Zaqistan—located west of the Great Salt Lake—is focusing its efforts on tourism. Photo courtesy of Zaq Landsberg
Finca's This-is-the-Place Punch for the Farm to Glass Cocktail Contest. Photo: Jessica Bundy
By D. Bradford Gambles
Photo: Talyn Sherer
(L–R) Brandon Kohler, Drew Harris and Camron Sackett interlace Forest Feathers’ subtle yet complex soundscapes with prog-, math- and post-rock underpinnings. Photo: Russel Daniels
Backside flip. Photo: Niels Jensen