Photo: Jennifer Thayn
Clockwise: Hollie Jay, Joe Everard, Andy Farnsworth and Torris Fairley.
Diana Whitten moved to Salt Lake City in 2016 and soon after established the Utah chapter of Film Fatales. Photo: Tyler Measom
A latte made with Publik roasted espresso beans (left) is a delicious classic on the drink menu. The Gawd Awful (right) is a cheesy, gooey and scrumptious breakfast option. Photos:
The Tolerance show in Finland was hosted at the Caisa Gallery in Helsinki. Photo courtesy of Mirko Ilić
Dallin Cerva, founder and manager of the Artist Foundry, has a sense of direction for the work he’s doing—fostering a community of talented Utah filmmakers and creating a space where their artistry can be realized. Photo: Jessica Bundy
At Sundance 2019, Vicky Knight plays Jade, who confronts her struggle to feel beautiful after incurring burn scars on top of being a single mother. Photo: Parisa Taghizadeh
Music seekers arrive to Mojave Auszug, California. Photo: Fredrik Nilsen
Photo courtesy of Big Time PR