Dear Dickheads – March 2009

Dear Dickheads,
Why the fuck is every exciting upcoming event 21+? When I first moved here, I could see at least one decent show a month at one of the all ages venues. There has been a giant shift, every fucking show is at Urban. SLUG events are no exception. It is making me think everybody in this sad repressed state is a raving drunk (especially SLUG staff members). Don't even bring up your snowboard "contests"? as a testament to your sobriety, I am fairly sure not a one of you is sober during these events. I have enjoyed the occasional drink myself, but I also want some shit to do. I am even contemplating joining a fucking ward, just for the activities (and the funeral potatoes). Host an event at Kilby, use some of your hipster clout to get the folks at Kilby to throw us children a decent show a little more often, do something. Or don't I guess, go get trashed.
Underaged and Enraged

Dear Underaged and Enraged,
SLUG Magazine hosts and sponsors a number of events outside of SLC's bars. During the month of March alone we're sponsoring The Hardboiled Book Club at Sam Weller's, Sprint Fest at the Fairgrounds, The Dark Arts Festival Fundraiser at Area 51 and the Brighton Jazz Jam at Brighton Resort. If these events aren't "hip"? enough for you, I suggest crawling back into your hipster hole until your 21st. After all, it won't be long until you're an old decrepit clinging to a bar reminiscing about how much more fun you had in your youth.

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