The lead singer of the Arctic Monkeys, Alex Turner singing and playing guitar.

Arctic Monkeys @ The Delta Center 9.20


The Arctic Monkeys have returned to Salt Lake City! Previously the band visited SLC at the Great Saltair and In The Venue, and now they had an absolutely packed show at the Delta Center. All ages begin entering in all doors and all floors to see this now world-famous band from the UK, finding their seats or a spot on the floor after a quick stop for some concessions or a swanky tour T from the merch store.

Once everyone settled in, the opening group starts the show. Fontaines D.C. is a post-punk, rocking, soft-toned at times musical group from Dublin, Ireland with five members. As lead singer Grian Chatten trudges on stage with his mates, they define the energy of their set by grabbing the instruments in the dark environment, and, bathed in red lights, they have at it. Fontaines have an energy throughout the set that is obviously fun, full of clumsy energy and lyrically led. The audience was slower to warm as seats are still filling, but those lower down and near the stage were still feeling it as they danced, swayed and had a great time overall.

After the set changes over, the stage is now set with a giant circular piece now center stage with pillars surrounding it towering over the instruments. Monitors are lowered in place for camera crews to spotlight the band as they play and make sure everyone has a good view of the show. It’s time for the Arctic Monkeys to saunter in in style, and doing just that, band members take their positions as lead singer Alex Turner struts to the center mic with a suit, open shirt, small chain and colored sunglasses. Music begins, and the fans are hooked; singing every word back to the stage in a reserved, respectful way as every audience member still wants to hear every word and inflection coming from the front. Being an all-ages show means that there are people right up front and only a few rows deep from ages   13–70. Even if they are just the chaperone or the DD, every eye and every ear is getting the most out of the evening’s performance.

Photos: Logan Sorenson //


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