Soccer Mommy begins wrapping things up with “New Demo.” (Photo: Nathan Gentry)

Soccer Mommy and TOPS @ The Depot 12.05

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Dec. 5 was a night that brought individuals of all ages to The Depot, where they had their chance to experience an incredible night of live alternative/indie music by the one and only Soccer Mommy and opener TOPS.

Nearly three hours before TOPS had even stepped on stage, the line to enter The Depot was wrapped around the corner. Crowd goers of all ages came together for the chance to experience the highly connective, emotional and moving songs that they all loved, but now in a live, real-world scenario. 

As the excitement to see Soccer Mommy’s Sophia Allison grew stronger, the doors to The Depot finally opened and the line quickly began to fizzle its way into the venue. TOPS then took the stage. It was at that moment that the crowd realized that they were in for an incredible night—TOPS were prepared. Offering an alt/indie vibe that complemented Soccer Mommy, TOPS began the night with a performance that was sweet, a tad bit more upbeat than Soccer Mommy yet still hit all the emotional notes the crowd was ready for. After TOPS put on such an incredible show, it seemed as if the crowd would have been happy just hearing TOPS take over the stage. Nevertheless, everyone knew what was next, and what was next definitely impressed.

Only seconds passed before the somber, extremely relatable lyrics from Soccer Mommy’s “Bones” echoed throughout the venue, and the crowd sang along. The set hit everyone’s heart. Whether you are a diehard fan since the “Scorpio Rising” days or a newly introduced listener who had the opportunity to see “Yellow” performed live, Soccer Mommy did not let down. One minute they would play something fun and upbeat, such as “Cool,” and the next second they would bring everyone back down to ground level with a song like “Still Clean.” By the end of the night, each person who had entered The Depot had found themselves overly pleased by the night that they had just experienced. An early workday the following Tuesday meant nothing to anyone after the incredible show.

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