Dr. Dog ending the show with a bang. Photo: Matthew Hunter
Angel Olsen at The Depot. Photo: Kia McGinnis
A beautiful combination of blue and red stage light illuminate Szjerdene. Photo: ColtonMarsalaPhotography.com
Tony Esposito providing vocals for White Reaper, opening group for Spoon. Photo: Lmsorenson.net
The crowd's excitement was felt throughout the Descendents set. Photo: Gilbert Cisneros
Photo by Paul Rae; Projections by Cloaking US
(L–R) Model Krista Bodily and designer Cartier Dior. Photo: Ryan Houston
Photo: Curtis Wayne Millard
Photo: Chapman Baehler
From the moment he started with Alice in Chains in 2006, William Duvall has been a powerhouse whose vocal performance really accentuates the band’s unforgettable sound. Photo: Talyn Sherer