Concert Review: “Amuck in America”


Just what in the hell does “amuck” mean?

Okay, besides the fact that The Daily Utah Chronicle’s Features staff can’t spell the word, concertgoers at this show probably thought the term had something to do with either drug use or dancing.

Anyway, dance the crowd did, especially for madman folky Mojo Nixon, making his first appearance since blowing his nose at the Bar & Grill in 1989.

With his new band, the Toad Lickers in tow Mojo was nothing if not fast, furious, funny and crude. Although the Deseret News critic was offended, many others also seemed to be by Mojo’s Mormon-bashing antics (in fact, I’d have to say Uncle Ezra would have smiled once or twice at least).

Drawing mainly from his new Otis album (especially with winners like “Don Henley Must Die” and “Shane’s Dentist,” the latter taking a swipe at The Pogues’ singer Shane MacGowan), Mojo proved he can put on a great show—if not make the name Nixon respectable again.

Philly’s The Dead Milkmen were their typical snotty selves, actually sounding better than their earlier Speedway appearance this year and showing good taste with a cover of The Misfits’ “Astro Zombies.”

Backstage, The Milkmen mistook me for Jerry Horne, (Twin Peaks), they were as fun as could be expected, especially Rodney Anonymous‘s “Best Christmas Ever.”

Opening the show was Boston’s Cavedogs, who got only a mild response. The trio sounded promising, especially with covers of both “What’s New Pussycat” and “Seasons in the Sun,” but they seemed humorless compared to the other obnoxious, drug-promoting bands.

Okay, so what does “amuck” mean? Well, it’s akin to going wild, which is easy with bands like these and not Swim Herschel Swim

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