Peter Murphy in 1990

Concert Review: Peter Murphy and Nauvoo


Peter Murphy’s return to SLC was greatly anticipated by many people. He is an amazing performer. The music and lighting were designed to showcase a truly outstanding singer. The choice of songs was remarkable—he even played a couple of old Bauhaus hits. If Peter Murphy returns once again to SLC, it is a show you should not miss.

 Nauvoo was chosen to open the show. Unfortunately, they were not included in any advertising so most of the audience did not know who they were or what kind of music they played. Kingsbury Hall is the ideal concert venue for a band with as much intensity and power as Nauvoo try to invoke with their songs. “Blood of All Men”  and “Trained Bodies”plus more—some old, some new—add subtlety to the power of white noise. The sound mix for Nauvoo was the best mix any local band has ever gotten while trying to open for a national act. Most audience members were thrown off balance by the structure and style of this very interesting band.

 Overall, the Peter Murphy show was a great success, and hopefully, SLC can continue to draw this kind of top-notch talent. As for the Tribune review, well anybody knows what that writer is full of….

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