The Speedway doors were blown wide with the rhythmic powers of Fugazi, opened by Insight and The Stench. Needless to say, the place went bat-shit.

Fugazi: The Second Coming


On June 6, 1990, Salt Lake City saw the Second Coming. Few people knew; few people gathered, and few people saw. The Golden Gates of the temple stayed closed, but The Speedway doors were blown wide with the rhythmic powers of Fugazi.

The show was opened by Insight, who rocked the place into a frenzy with their brand of heavily metallic crunch and chaotic stage presence. They demanded attention, and they got it. Needless to say, the place went bat-shit. We danced; we sweated, and we passed out–well damn near.

After a Pepsi and a sit outside, most people seemed eager to re-enter The Speedway to catch local faces The Stench. The Stench played tight and gave it their all. A set of mostly new material that, although still sloppy, seems more aggressive and heavier than some of the stuff on their new LP, which is great. But, I would like to hear them play more of their older material. Hey guys, that is the stuff we love.

After another brief visit to the cool air outside, we re-entered again to catch D.C.’s Fugazi. Summarizing my feelings and the history of Fugazi could take up a lot of space, so I will just say that these guys have a lot of experience and talent under their belts. They took The Speedway stage by storm. These four from D.C. look and play furiously—intense rhythms and catchy hooks played aggressively with precision. It is amazing how they can display such hateful attitudes in such easy flowing music—that contrast is what gives them originality and fluidity. You can spend your aggressions for one hell of a good time—and a good time it was.

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