Concert Review: Warlock Pinchers, Maggot Heads and Dirty Gordon


If you were one of the lucky people to get into this show, you probably saw one of the hottest small shows of the year. This was one of The Pompadour’s biggest shows since they opened—selling out before the first band even hit the stage.

“The official sound of Satan,” Denver’s Warlock Pinchers are probably the best funk-hardcore band you might ever get the chance to see. Try the Pinchers’ butt-first cross between Beastie Boys and The Dead Milkmen on for size. You’ll be glad you did. For example, their “Morrissey Rides a Cockhorse” contains a beautiful description of the dreaded former Smiths singer as a “crybaby son-of-a-bitch, no talent motherfucker.”

In concert, the Pinchers turn up their intensity to an almost uncomfortable tightness. Especially with co-vocalist/percussionist KC Kasum’s drag queen Tiffany imitation or the infusion of Suzanne Vega’s insufferable “Tom’s Diner” into their terrific “Devil Without a Pause.”

Besides, how can you hate a band that writes songs like “Where the Hell is Crispin Glover” or cover AC/DC’s “Back in Black” so well?

Personally, I had cleat marks on my back and a wee-long sore throat after the show from screaming along with these guys. But, then again, at least I was there.

Opening the show were two local acts, Dirty Gordon and Maggot Heads. The first played a somewhat entertaining brand of weirdo-esque hardcore before going on too long. The second, though, blech! How can you screw up “Bubble Butt” so miserably? 



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