"Neolament’s strongest point is their live performance because of the mood they can set—dark clothes and candles will do that to you."


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Neolament is a band that certainly stands out in the Salt Lake Underground music scene. If you have never seen them perform live or have never heard their demo “Curo,” you most certainly should. They have a varied, unique sound—what makes them unique is their diversity. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Jasper says, “this is due to the fact that every member of the band participates in writing and the band has been writing music together for over three years.” In these three years, the band has progressed both in talent and style.

Their influences are apparent in their songwriting, however these are not overbearing at all. Bassist and vocalist Troy Harris didn’t hesitate at all to mention Bauhaus, The Church and plays to Simon Gallups of The Cure. Stack on top of it Chip Kelly’s steady strum on the acoustic and electric guitar, then blend Jasper’s psycho-effects guitar on top and you get a strange blend of moody, psychedelic-gothic-punk rock. Cory Catten on drums and percussion is the key to keeping the band’s music diverse and steady.

One year ago, vocalist Scott Whittaker quit the band to live in the desert. The band then sat in limbo for about six months. Jasper played for a short while with Tribe of Lost Angels and then helped found Dinosaur Bones, which he just recently quit to spend more time with Neolament. In September of ’88, they brought Neolament back to life adding Chip Kelly, formerly with Flowers For Charlotte, to create the foursome they are today. Harris and Jasper took over S. Whitt’s vocal position; Chip only sings the love songs. Most of adolescent doom that Whittaker added to the band in the first few years.

My personal favorite songs are “Book of Lamentations” (the first song they wrote as a band) and “Crumble and slide.” They do have several lighter songs such as “Ship Sails.” Most of their best material is available on “Curos” their second demo.

Neolament’s strongest point is their live performance because of the mood they can set—dark clothes and candles will do that to you. They have broken away from the death rock image they’ve had in the past. They are not as strong vocally as they have been in the past—I feel they lost something when Scott W. left. However, what they lack vocally they overcompensate for musically. They have progressed very far as songwriters and have a very promising future ahead. Don’t miss them live at The Word July 14 with Daneighbors and Hermitage.