Various Artists – DJ Juggy | Slap Lake City Vol #10 | Self-Released

Review: Various Artists – Slap Lake City Vol #10

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Various Artists
Slap Lake City Vol #10

Street: 08.07
DJ Juggy = DJ Esko + Mix Master Mike

Local artist DJ Juggy is back with volume 10 of Slap Lake City, making me wonder what I’ve been doing with my life now that I know TEN of these local-MC-and-producer showcases exist. This latest volume is one long track mixed by DJ Juggy, who seamlessly combines the varying musical styles of our community members and fellow artists.

What’s amazing about this mix is the wide variety Juggy is able to showcase. He goes from trap rap to R&B beats in a matter of seconds, bringing new sounds and flavors to each track. Juggy’s ability to curate the mix with different styles proves that he truly has his finger on the pulse of Salt Lake City’s music scene.

Though it can be hard to tell which song is which on the mix due to a lack of track list timestamps, some of the hardest parts of the entire mix occur during local rapper Ferrari$moke‘s (formerly known as vinniecassius) songs. The first track starts at around 22:23, after a small break in the music. Juggy slowly raises the volume for Ferrari$moke’s songs, which are hard-hitting, modern trap tracks that are incredibly well made. Other early highlights include $liing‘s “Gelato.” $liing raps, “Drop in the spot / Pull up in Mercedes / We smoking on loud / Bitch a 380,” hyping the track up with his energy and lackadaisical flow.

Another standalone moment on the mix comes from Papi Ccino. His track, “Lean Like a Toko,” is an amazing Latin-rap track. Though this reviewer has never heard of him before listening to this mix, Ccino is an amazingly talented artist. He raps the title atop an incredible beat filled with exciting bass and Latin-inspired horns and strings, making the listener feel like dancing.

The rest of the mix fluctuates from good-quality music to less exciting tracks. It’s obvious Juggy has a passion for the local hip-hop scene and putting new artists on. This type of commitment and passion is inspiring, and the fact musicians who are still developing their voices can make the cut to be on the mix shows Juggy aims to uplift fellow local artists.

Be sure to check out DJ Juggy’s other mixes online. If volume 11 of Slap Lake City is anything like #10, it’s sure to be an amazing showcase of Utah’s hip-hop scene. –Taylor Hartman