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Street: 04.21

Death = The Stooges + MC5 + The Who

I’ll admit, when I first heard that this album was coming out, I was overly excited and apprehensive. The hype behind the early 1970s proto-punk band Death that came from the initial release of … For the Whole World to See and the release of their documentary, A Band Called Death, has earned them a well-deserved, cult-like following.

Any expectations for the appropriately named N.E.W. wouldn’t possibly be met, but I will say this: While it’s notably different, kind of aged, it is a good follow-up to legendary original material, and is easily worth spinning. Numbers like “Look At Your Life” and “Relief” carry on in their styled tradition of a rapid-fire and raw delivery.

“Story Of The World” continues their method of socially aware punk rock n’ roll. So, start with the first album, then be sure to get this—you’ll be glad you did. –Nick Kuzmack