Notes From The Industrial Underground: April 1991


From somewhere between Depeche Mode and Front 242 comes the new album by Boston duo Manufacture. Following up 1988’s Terrorvision with their hit single “As The End Draws Near,” Manufacture’s Voice of World Control is a danceable blend of electronica, techno beats and Anneli Brecker’s full vocal style. More personal than many electronic albums, Voice of World Control has a human feel most apparent in the song “New Decisions.”

Coil fans may find the new single “Windowpane” a little too groovy on first listen but on closer inspection it has the same moodiness and odd sounds that have made Coil a name for themselves in the alternative music world. The single is available on CD single (with an extra mix), 12” and/or limited edition picture 12”. Hopefully a full length album will be out in the next month, possibly titled “Love’s Secret Domain” or is it “Side Effects Of Life?” Also a new 12” called “The Snow”.

Wax Trax! is also busying itself with releases from Chris and Cosey as well as a solo album from Cosey Fanni Tutti.

Tentative release date for Cevin Key and David Goettel’s (of Skinny Puppy infamy) Doubting Thomas projects in April. Key has been busy with former Puppy mate Bill Leeb (of Front Line Assembly, Delerium, and Noise Unit) and the two have released a second Cyberaktif single, “Nothing Stays.” The songs has Puppy-esque keyboards and a lighter edge than their first single, “Temper.” A full length album should be out soon. 

Still no release date on W.E.L.T., the new project from Ogre and Alain Jourgensen

If you are a Ministry fan or a Rev Co lover you may be surprised with Chris Connelly’s new single, “Stow Away.” The guy can really sing and has a great voice. His songs are more upbeat and pop-oriented with no screaming vocals, but rather a smooth and mellow sound. It’s a change, but more reminiscent of his days in Finitribe. There is also a remix by Die Warzau.

1,000 Homo D.J.’s release their second single, “Supernaut,” on April 5th. It’s a cover of an old Black Sabbath song and will have a non-track B-side. The CD will also include the “Apathy” 12”.

Greater Then One has released a new 6-song EP called Index. Songs rang from the funky house feel of “Joy” to the dub beats of “Dub Killer”.

Wax Trax! is real good about giving you extra stuff on CD, so join the nineties and buy the rich man’s 8-track tape player…Also on Wax Trax! a new single from KMFDM (who may be playing the Pompadour in May. Stay tuned.) and another album from Wreck, Chicago trash artist along the lines of Rapeman.

Xymox released a new single, “Pheonix of the Heart.” The band has become more dance-orientated since leaving 4AD but still retain their moody, angst-ridden style.

Pigface, another “supergroup” with the like of Bill Riefin, Martin Atkins, Ogre, Trent Reznor, and En Esch will release their full-length album Gub April 5th on Touch and Go Records. If you haven’t heard the 12” “Spoon Breakfast” yet, now is the time. Mixing heavy beats (it was formed by two drummers) with electronics, diverse vocal styles, and even some more ambient elements, its a good showcase for the talent of all involved.

Caroline Records has picked up Play It Again Sam USA after distributorship was dropped by Wax Trax! First official release is Legendary Pink Dots’ “Maria Dimension” which came out a few weeks ago. The sound is reminiscent of “Any Day Now.” Caroline has also started distributing Antler/Subway and many of its subsidiaries from Europe. A Split Second was the first band to be released, but now the label has gone full-force in getting Antler/Subway records out. Also on the label are Boris Mikulik, his other project In Sotto Voce, Musolini Headkick (Luk Van Acker of Revco and Danceable Weirdshit), Klinik (Mark Verhaegen of Noise Unit 0, and a ton of New Beat and Hard Beat bands such as Lords of Acid, and Erotic Dissidents. MIkulik’s album is a must and contains the sexually explicit and pulsating industrial song “Diana”.

Lords of Acid have a second single called “Hey Ho,” after “Hi Ho” from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. But the Lords’ idea of a “ho” and Snow White’s are very different. The song has all the appeal of “I Sit on Acid” but seems even further into the groove.

Gruesome Twosome finally have a follow-up to “Hallucination Generation” called “Burnt-Out Celebrity”.

Acid House Night starts at the Pompadour next month. It will be a psychedelic blend of House, Rave, Hard Beat and New Beat, ‘70s disco and funk, jack music and techno all layered together with lots of acid and bright lights. You wouldn’t want to miss it!

Next month: “Beers, Steers and Queers” revisited in the Louisiana Bayous.


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