New Band Spotlight: Nauvoo

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Finally, an alternative band that is serious enough to stick together long enough to get things done. The first time I saw their poster for their tape at Raunch, I thought “What the fuck is this?” Nauvoo is not the name of a band that would be selling music at Raunch. However, Nauvoo are not a Mormon sidekick group that sings hits like “Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel.” This is, by the way, the name of their debut tape now available at several shops.

Nauvoo were originated by singer/songwriters John and Suzy Coray in San Francisco.Nauvoo were originated by singer/songwriters John and Suzy Coray in San Francisco. After several bass players, including Jeff Stench and John “Wondercrash” Bray they finally settled with Mikey Slaughterchrist. Jim Bone has now replaced Ron Ward on drums. With the band consisting half of Burial Benefits (John & Jim), and a touch of Slaughterchrist, you can bet the music will be heavy. The influence of Bauhaus and Swans is evident.

Their lovely performances are quite moving. Even though the music is slow, it carries such power and aggression you don’t notice the tempo. The band is definitely not a dance band, but the power can overwhelm you. The band doesn’t play much because of their unique style but you can see them this month at Speedway Cafe on March 23rd, when they will be playing with Cantankerous, Road Frisbee and Boy Wonder. Check them out live and pick up a copy of their tape at Raunch

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