Overlooking the festival grounds, we can see the crowds as they make their way out to the shuttle for the stops around town.

Salt Lake Magazine’s Tastemakers 2019 @ The Gateway

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One of Utah’s most anticipated and well-known food festivals kicked off 2019 with a huge splash. Salt Lake Magazine’s annual Tastemakers event is a two-day food, wine and beer festival catered by Utah’s most talked-about bars, restaurants and distilleries. Tastemakers gives patrons the opportunity to sample flavors from a variety of restaurants around town and is a great introduction to new experiences they might not have otherwise tried. 

This food-lovers paradise had a little something for everyone. Whether you were looking to try some new thai food, a craft cocktail or just wanted get out and about for a quick stroll around the downtown area, this event had it all. Nestled in the heart of The Gateway, foodies from all around the valley joined together to eat, drink, dance and play as they filled their bellies with delicious food. What more could one ask for on a summer night than to spend two days wining and dining with a bunch of friends? As this event continues to grow, so does our appetite for next year’s installment.

All photos by Talyn Sherer

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