Bethany Fischer or "B" is a force to be reckoned with - whether she be shooting photos, writing hip hop reviews or putting nerdy business men in their place for making snotty remarks about her tattoos. Bubbly, energetic, passionate and fierce, Fischer, a photographer by trade, first came to SLUG one year ago. Despite her mad skills with a camera, SLUG put her to work writing hip hop reviews, eventually interviewing GZA for our Jan. 2010 issue. This month we put Fischer to work on the Doomtree cover story - the largest project she's undertaken since joining the SLUG staff. B's photography has sporadically been featured in SLUG as well as on,, City Weekly, and on the album covers for Little Brother and Opio. Check out more of Fischer's work at, where you can buy prints, schedule an appointment with B, or just look at a bunch of her awesome photos. Fischer's photos will also be on display at Sorenson Unity Center from October to December, and keep an eye out for her annual show "Switchin' the Hustle" sometime next year. Just make sure you stay on her good side - especially if you're at a Citizen Cope concert.