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SLUG Mag Soundwaves
Episode #299 – Martian Cult

For this episode of Soundwaves, Jared Asplund, vocalist of local rock group Martian Cult, comes in to talk about the history of the band and how they developed from a small side project between friends to the sci-fi-loving, extensively touring group they are now. Joining Asplund is Elowyn LaPointe on bass, Derek Clark on keys, Justin Richardson on guitar and Blair Draper on drums.

Asplund looks back on the genesis of Martian Cult, with the first iteration of the band formed out of the ashes of his old group, Daisy & the Moonshines. After five years with the group, Asplund decided that he needed a group with a little more focus and seriousness, so he started rehearsing new material with LaPointe and Draper. Slowly, these initial ideas turned into the first Martian Cult songs.

The group was named after an idea for a sci-fi comic book he had with an old friend, conceived as The Martian King and the Lonely Android. The spaced-out fantasy influence permeates deeper into the group’s music than their name, though, as the closing track off of their debut EP shows. “Lonely Android” is a song-based retelling of the comic book’s plot, as it details the strained and frowned-upon love between a human and an android.

To date, Martian Cult have gone on three regional and national tours. Asplund sees these experiences as crucial to the band’s development, as the exposure to the great talent outside of Utah drives his fellow musicians to hone their skills to achieve greater things. This is not to undermine the importance of the local scene to Martian Cult, though, as one of the groups primary goals is to give people reasons to go out and see more of the great music surrounding them.

Head to Martian Cult’s Bandcamp to listen to their 2017 EP, Cheater’s Wave, as well as their latest Fela Kuti inspired single, “Simmer Down.” To stay up-to-date on forthcoming shows and tours, check out the band’s Facebook page.