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Episode #329 – Telepanther

It’s been over two years since Salt Lake band Telepanther disbanded. This month, this outer-worldly trio is giving a one-night-only performance at SLUG’s Anniversary Localized Showcase. The group finds inspiration in sci-fi and space, throwing together synth noises with keyboard melodies and robotic vocals to make the kind of unique sound you would expect from a band named Telepanther. “The music is built on electronic beats with synth-heavy textures and melodies, laced with a little bit of guitar and lyrics that create a party atmosphere in a science fiction realm,” says Brice Okubo, keyboardist and synth producer in the band. Here, he discusses how the lyrics of vocalist Kirk Daith tell tales of space odysseys and sci-fi adventures.

In anticipation of SLUG’s February Localized reunion show, Okubo recounts his memories of various Salt Lake venues as they once were 20 years ago. Places like Kilby Court were not the kind of space you’d have imagined would stick around, and now-defunct venues like The Moroccan housed many of the scene’s smaller shows. 

“There wasn’t really a venue for smaller touring acts,” Okubo says. “The Moroccan was one of those places. And when The Moroccan couldn’t do it, a lot of those shows would come out to the suburbs, and we’d play in my bandmate’s parent’s basement. We had some bigger acts play in that basement like Silver Scooter and The Faint. It was a fun, weird time.” The gap for small-act venues was soon filled by the rise of Kilby Court, a place Okubo remembers playing at for some of the venue’s first shows. While much has changed, the value of these sort of venues persists, giving young artists and smaller acts an opportunity to perform with an intimate vibe.

Don’t miss Telepanther perform for the first time in years at SLUG’s Anniversary Localized showcase, and catch up on their music on Soundcloud @Telepanther.

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