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SLUG Mag Soundwaves
Episode #331 – Wounded Knee

One of the most important parts of the creative process for Mason Runs Through (of the folk-punk emo band Wounded Knee) is the opportunity to play his music in live settings. When Runs Through moved to Montana to work on a reservation, he was starved of this opportunity—but not for lack of trying. After two bad experiences trying to play his brand of socially conscious, Americana folk at a bar and an open mic night in Montana, Runs Through felt like his voice was unwelcome, and he considered calling it quits, selling his gear.

Since he moved to Ephraim, Utah, he’s found new energy in collaborating with drummer Nick Hansen, a 19 year-old who’s never been in a band before. For Runs Through, the opportunity to finally work with another artist with similar artistic goals, as well as to help Hansen navigate Utah’s music scene for the first time, has rejuvenated his belief in Wounded Knee—and himself.

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