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SLUG Mag Soundwaves
Episode #363 – Suit Up, Soldier

Curse the Day I Act My Age is the debut album from local pop-rock group Suit Up, Soldier, set to be released on May 14. Composed of members Wesley Monahan (vocals), Mckay “Spartacus” Johnson (drums) and Ryan “Stingray” Rostrom (lead guitar), the band approached their new record with a newly found sense of comradery. 

With a majority of the songs stemming from Monahan’s time as a solo artist or with previous members of the group, figuring out how to let go of being the creative lead was a new challenge. “I was just so used to being in control,” says Monahan. “[My OCD] has totally gone untreated, and it’s come back to bite us. It’s not been an easy process, but it’s been so worth it because I always wanted Suit Up, Soldier to be a collaborative effort.” Johnson’s addition to the band brought the energy needed to make that happen. 

With Johnson’s keen ear and precise drumming on tracks like on Suit Up, Soldier’s newest single, “Villains,” the band was overjoyed to finally make their creative aspirations a reality. “It’s just really fulfilling to see the musicianship come together in a cohesive way that’s like, ‘Yeah, we are virtuosos, but we’re not overtaking each other’s creative sense.’ It all fits together,” says Monahan. For Johnson, the album stands as a testament to the group’s ability to combine their own artistic tastes with what audiences want to hear. “My hope for this album is that it can be an album that top 40 listeners enjoy … just as much as hardcore heavy metal listeners,” says Johnson. “And I think we learned a lot about striking a balance between the different aspects of the many different artists that influence each of us individually and collectively.” 

The band is anxiously anticipating getting back to playing shows as COVID-19 restrictions begin to lift. Things are already looking up for a successful album release, though, as performances are already lined up. For Monahan, the new album reflects their business sense in addition to their musical chemistry, “[working on the album] inspired me to see that this is a sustainable venture for us,” he says. 

Curse the Day I Act My Age comes out May 14 and will be available wherever you get your music. You can stay up to date with Suit Up, Soldier on Instagram @suitupsoldier_ and on TikTok @suitupsoldier.