SLUG Magazine doesn’t condone vandalism. Mike Brown finds it fun, however, because it often entails graffiti.
It’s time for Mike Brown’s yearly predictions for the 2019–20 Utah Jazz season.
Mike Brown gives us the dirt on pizza in the Beehive State.
The Mayor of Roy (right) finds it important to create accurate representation of his city, which is why he turned his house into a cooler.
Though Mike Brown claims he’s too lazy to go “real swimming,” we were able to expand, deepen and fill with water his “kitty pool.” We’ve heard of wearing sunglasses inside, but he’s taking it to the next level wearing sunglasses underwater…
At the Rose Park Skatepark—now a not-so-wise quadragenarian—Mike Brown reflects on the inimitable skills of younger skaters who’ve not yet reached the twilight years that he has. Photo: Niels Jensen
Sometimes being hit by a car on your bike spurs a #HoldMyBeer moment
Mike Brown thinks that Utah’s new .05 law blows … for the tourism industry. Illustration:
(L–R) Mike Abu and Mike Brown commune with their peer group at estate sales to bring back sick loots. Photo: John Barkiple
Mike Brown finds the Christmas spirit in the fact that kids still love to get and play video games for Christmas. Illustration: