Photos by Logan Sorenson |
(L–R) Gunner Bandura, Steve LeFavre and Brewja. | Photo by Jessica Bundy.
Photo by Johnny Cowan |
Photo by Johnny Cowan |
Armed with his live rig, SIAK—aka Chris Nielsen of Squarewave Sound—crafts driving, danceable music. Photo:
Matthew McMurray. Photo: Adam Heath
Madge, aka Cat Leavy, crafts a pure and raw electronic pop that ventures between dream and noise. Photo: Gilbert Cisneros
It’s all glitter punk with Peach Dream’s Paula Bravo, Emma Lynn, Sarita Ford and Shelly Rose. Photo: Gilbert Cisneros
Each band member constructs a nuanced version of Harold Henry that remains true to the overarching style. Photo:
“I love creating music, especially if someone else can enjoy it, and there isn’t really an opportunity for me to stop," says Betts. Photo: @clancycoop