Photo: Zoeë Rodriguez
Molly Morin, (L–R) “6 x 5” and “Pull, Shrug, Power, Jerk” from Information Density, 2018. Photos: John Barkiple
Photo: @clancycoop
“Pulitzer Print Photographs” was developed by The Newseum. The Newseum, headquartered in D.C., promotes, explains and defends free expression and the five freedoms of the First Amendment.
(L–R) Adrian Evans, Matthew Windsor, Shea Ledesma. Photo: Jennifer Thayn
Photo: @clancycoop
Marisa Morán Jahn (Studio REV-), The Source, 2018, photograph, 40 x 30 in., featuring Aisha.
Jill De Haan. Photo: John Barkiple
Photo: @clancycoop
Andrew Rice will exhibit his work at God Hates Robots on Sept. 21. Photo: Matthew Hunter.