Part of the "TROPICAL ROOTS" collection by Ivy Elizabeth.

SLFC Fashion Show @ Medium Studio 07.01

Art and Fashion

The Salt Lake Fashion Collective (SLFC) brought a mix of fashion-minded individuals together for their first annual runway show, Salt Lake Fashion Collective Fashion Show at Medium Studio on July 1, 2022. SLFC aims to bring creative minds together to share their work and, most importantly, to connect with one another. Medium Studio was the perfect place to do it.

Models walked the runway and displayed local designers’ work, ranging from fun, casual summertime corsets to royally sexy, lacy gowns. The takeaway for me was how the designers were able to reuse fun fabrics and materials to create their unique visions, such as tropical-print vintage fabrics or up-cycled materials like plastic bags crocheted to be used as pant pockets. The details put into every piece were thoughtful and functional.

I highly suggest keeping an eye on each of the designers and a lookout for future projects from Salt Lake Fashion Collective.

Designers in order of walk appearance:
Ivy Elizabeth
Kelli Marie
Alicia Scott
Kyra Scott
Regan Ku’ulei

Photos by Jovvany Villalobos // // @thevillagewolf

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