Lively crowd at The Rubies live set during the Kilby Block Party

Kilby Block Party 3 @ Library Square May 13–14

Music Festival Coverage

Kilby Block Party 3 was much anticipated, selling out quickly after it was announced. As a hugely hyped, return-to-form music festival, the show delivered an eclectic spread of national and local artists across four stages May 13–14.

Friday, 05.13

By Maralee Nielson 

The first band I was able to cover was World’s Worst, who are Utah locals. A decent crowd had formed 30 minutes prior to the show, and World’s Worst has some of the most fun crowd interactions. People were jumping around in a small pit, throwing arms up yelling words back to them as they play. 

The Walters were on the south stage, which was one of the two larger stages, and it was packed to get to the front. The crowd already packed, people pushing to get closer as The Walters came on. And oh, how the crowd did scream. This set was so full of energy. The lead vocalist interacted with the audience the whole time, looking and pointing at individuals and girls screaming as he would dance across the stage. I was exhausted just from watching him.

I then made it over to Binki on the east stage, where his fans were yelling from the barricade way before he went on. The boys in the front were so happy, and you could see the joy on their faces to see their favorite artist live. 

Car Seat Headrest was the last act I was able to catch. The north stage was the largest, and the crowd was packed clear back halfway to the south stage. The event organizers had to put up a barricade as the set started to keep the crowds separate and still maintain walking room. The lead vocalist had on a Utah shirt, and though I had never seen Car Seat Headrest, I became a fan. The stage presence was so fun! The lights and the main vocalist wearing his own mask gave them a unique vibe. The crowd did not let down either, throwing beach balls around and jumping around in the front and plenty of yelling in the back. 

At the end of Friday, Kilby Block Party’s return affirmed it as a must-see event. It always seems to sell out and is the most down to earth, bond-with-others event of the summer.

Photos: Maralee Nielson

Photos: Jovvany Villalobos

Saturday, 05.14

By Chay Mosqueda

For the third time, Kilby Block Party returned, and Saturday’s lineup was full of astounding artists to fill the live music festival void we have all been missing for the past two years. As soon as the gates opened at noon, festival attendees sprinted to the front of each stage for the first three shows of the day: Nicole Canaan, Cop Kid and Blue Rain Boots. By 12:20 music could be heard throughout Library Square. Fans were cheering, beer was flowing and live music was once again being celebrated in downtown Salt Lake City. 

The setup included four stages, each hosting performances happening at one time. However, the event organizers and artists did a great job ensuring concert goers could attend one show and then immediately go to another with little or no overlap if timed properly. Walking from one stage to another was at most two to three minutes. The rest of Library Square was filled with food, drink, and merchandise vendors, and there was plenty of green space to set up a blanket and bask in the warm, sunny weather while listening to live music. The crowd was modest until about 3 p.m., at which point the festival was in full swing and moods were high. 

Each concert was unique, and every artist brought their absolute best. Throughout the day and night, each show went on with little to no technical difficulties, giving attendees the chance to enjoy artists’ full sets. Utah’s own Blue Rain Boots, Choir Boy, Brother, The Devil Whale, The Rubies, future.exboyfriend, Casio Ghost, Goldmyth and more all played remarkable shows. Seeing large crowds for Utah bands is  always fantastic. If I had never heard of any of these bands, I would have assumed they were big-time artists because of how well they performed. Utah’s indie music scene is thriving, and it is thanks to these bands who work incredibly hard to bring great music to our wonderful state.

The two headliners for Saturday were Steve Lacy and Phoebe Bridgers. Not having seen Lacy in concert before, I didn’t know what to expect. The only thing I can equate it to is a Prince-esque energy. Lacy had his stage presence and performance down pat. He knew how to get fans excited, and his set list was what they wanted. He was a true performer, and his liveliness captivated the crowd as soon as he walked on stage in his multicolored rhinestone outfit and glittery, purple guitar. As his set finished, Bridgers soon began. The energy of the crowd was profound, filled with anticipation and excitement so tense one could feel it instantaneously. The second the stage lights dimmed, the crowd erupted with hysteria. Cheers and screams were deafening. Tears of happiness were streaming down faces. Bridgers took the stage and gave her most dedicated fans—all of them—what they needed: a mind-blowing and emotional performance. She ended the festival with a bang, nothing less than expected. 

Photos: Chay Mosqueda

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