SLUG Magazine celebrates its year anniversary in February with a party featuring talented musicians from across Salt Lake’s strong musical culture and other events like fashion shows, tarot readings and more.

SLUG Magazine’s 22nd Anniversary

SLUG Magazine’s 22nd Anniversary

At 22 years old, SLUG Magazine is finally old enough to party in a responsible and mostly non-embarrassing way. To celebrate our birthday, not only are we throwing a stellar party featuring music by Max Pain and the Groovies, Speitre, and DJ Knucklz, but we also put together a special birthday issue. SLUG Magazine handpicked 22 business owners and all-around scene makers and shakers to ask them about SLUG’s influence on the community. … read more

Gallery Stroll: SLUG’s Birthday Party, As Sophisticated As We Can Be At 18 – February 2007

Gallery Stroll: SLUG’s Birthday Party, As Sophisticated As We Can...

Ahh …18-years-old. I remember the days; trying to work as little as possible and party as hard as I could. The nights were filled with people and drinking games. My how times change! Now I sit back and discuss politics and current events with my friends while we drink and play games. I think you never grow out of some things. SLUG Magazine is one of those things.  … read more