Beer snobbery be damned! Anyone who claims to be a beer snob because they refuse to drink “light” beer can have a Natty. There is nothing I love more during the blistering Utah summers than a light craft pilsner or a light hybrid of the sorts. Hell, this is Utah after all, and I would not want any other state brewing this sort of beer. While most bitch about the low alcohol content, I sing praises. The true art of a light summer pilsner or light beer is not to “fuck you up,” but to cool you off, enjoy as many as possible and then eventually “fuck you up.” Our fine brewers of Utah have perfected this craft. So here is a line-up of the newest summer beers to keep you enjoying the summer heat and some light food pairings to bring out the best in them.


Brewer/Brand: Four +

Abv: 4.0%

Price: $7.99/six pack

Size: 12 oz Bottle


Overview: Out of the bottle, this organic brew is a very light pale straw color that puts off a solid white bubbly head that recedes quickly. The aroma lightly puts off some soft pale malts, grassy hops that almost smell like lemongrass, and some light yeasty notes.


Description: Lemongrass! That is basically my first impression of this beer. When I first heard about this beer all I heard about were these Sorachi Ace hops that would dominate the build of the beer, but I really did not get that pinch I was looking for. However, rumor has it that the next batch of this will be including a bit more, so keep an eye out. As far as pairing goes with this, I would say that any spicy Asian dish goes well with that lemongrass flavor.


Summer Twilight Kolsch

Brewer/Brand: Wasatch / Brewers Cooperative ~ Brewmaster Reserve

Abv: 4.0%

Price: $8.49/six pack

Size: 12 oz Bottle


Overview: This kolsch pours a really light golden color with a soft foamy head that recedes quickly to leave some nice stick around your pint. The aroma is filled with a light amount of lemony citrus and some bread that fits just what any summer beer needs. The taste is really balanced in malt character with a dominating lemon twinge that finishes with a nice carbonated pinch.


Description:  This is what I love about Utah: we get beers that other states normally reject because they are so light in style that they assume “just a pilsner will do.” I consider this one a win in my book and plan on drinking quite a bit of this all summer long. Because kolsch is a universally light drinking beer, I love to pair this with lighter foods that will help to promote the flavor. In this case, I lean towards a light salad.


Summer Brau

Brewer/Brand: Wasatch / Brewers Cooperative

Abv: 5.6%

Price: $1.34/bottle

Size: 12 oz Bottle


Overview: Summer is a complex gold that has a decent foamy head that opens up to give you the aromas of light malts, grassy and spicy German hops, and a touch of bread.  After you dive in, your palate is hit with a sweet malt that is evenly balanced with some grassy hops and a crisp finish.


Description: The best way to describe this is by thinking of Provo Girl at 5.6% with a bit more hop character, almost like a very light pale ale blended with a lager. There is not much more to say about this guy other than it is a no-think-drink and there should be more of them in my fridge, in my flat, and hell, in my hand. I want one. On the pairing note, I have been matching this up with some lighter goat cheeses and light seafood dishes.