Free Range Fudge comes in four enticing chili-infused variants.
The Fried Chicken’s hint of sweetness is a unique element that gently introduces the dish to the palate.
(L–R) Jell-O creations from Gelatina Sabor and Post Office Place.
The Betel Smoked Beef rests on a bed of asparagus, reamy grits and Bordelaise.
The heat range for The Ugly Bop sauce goes from 1–10 and it is up to the the customer to choose what they would like!
The herbal sauce in the Twilight pizza is an homage to the Twilight movie's mystical theme, along with the sausage as a nod to the werewolves in the movie.
The view outside El Viroleño
Hog Wallow’s quesadilla makes it interesting by including steaming smoked brisket and black-bean-and-corn salsa in the cheese. Photo: Talyn Sherer
Illustration: Ricky Vigil
The Pork Belly Bao puts the “ooh” in umami with its savory pork belly and adds another unique element to the happy hour menu. Photo: Talyn Sherer