Illustration: @tinymessy
Photo: @clancycoop
(L–R) Martin Theisen, Sean Dugger, Camron Sherwood and Bobby Doyle have been in the hardcore scene since the ’90s, shredding hearts and eardrums. Photo: Jessica Bundy
Photo: Zoeë Rodriguez
The Rabbit Gnocchi provides a nontraditional item to the Fireside menu. Photo: Talyn Sherer
Molly Morin, (L–R) “6 x 5” and “Pull, Shrug, Power, Jerk” from Information Density, 2018. Photos: John Barkiple
(Center–Right) Brandon Long and Kase Johnstun interview Amanda Luzzader (Left) in Booked on 25th in Ogden for the LITerally Podcast. Photo: John Barkiple
(L–R) Alec Stanczyk, Matt Baird, Riachle Child and Jaxon Harrop push boundaries by providing as one of the only heavy-music instrumental bands in Utah. Photo:
Tucker White likes to think of writing as sharing his journals with the public through a lens of a different character. Photo:
Jack Garcia is the Editor and co-creator of Utah Valley’s peculiar literary journal and hopes to create a platform for fellow LGBTQ+ creatives. Photo Courtesy of Jack Garcia