(L–R) Tut Lopez, Alex Lopez and Summer Sigritz form their ambient music in Savage Daughters to express their deepest feelings. Photo: Matthew Hunter
The Barbacoa Tacos (top) come in a skillet embedded in Oaxaca cheese and topped with Pico de Gallo, while the Elotes de la Calle (bottom) are grilled in a lime aoli and topped with cotija cheese. Photo: Talyn Sherer
Whitney Tassie, UMFA Senior Curator, works with colleagues in the Department of Art and Art History to review applications and select those who will create the LeWitt drawing. Photo: @clancycoop
(L–R) Artist Maddie Mekkelson FICE owner and Corey Bullough both believe in FICE’s monthly galleries as a way to support and celebrate local artists. Photo: John Barkiple
Using the history, geology and visual appeal of the Southern Utah arches, Wischer has design a multi-media exhibit to heighten the magic the arches are capable of creating. Photos courtesy of Wendy Wischer
(L–R) Tommy Fraser, Chuck Pak, Zach Dansie, Kale Morse and Ryan Tuttle combine their skills to share musical expression through explosive sounds in Sonnets. Photo: Matthew Hunter
Director/set designer David Brothers has based his upcoming fi lm, What a Show Show, on ‘70s game shows, their colorful stages and the hysteria that they engender. Photo: Matthew Hunter
(L–R) Derek Dyer and Renya Nelson have spearheaded efforts to add murals by local and national artists alike to the walls of Salt Lake City— bringing color and community to the forefront of South Salt Lake and the Granary District. Mural: Renya Nelson, Cody Comrie. Photos By John Barkiple
Gregg Deal will perform a piece at Transcontinental: People, Place, Impact at the Rio Gallery on April 19, which addresses “the impact of Western expansion on Native land and identity.” Photo: Gregg Deal
Horacio Rodriguez digitally scans Mesoamerican sculptures, resizes them for a 3D print that he uses for a cast, then creates his rendition on which he prints decals.