Aphrodeity. Photo: ThatGuyGil
Michaela Dransfield, bartender at Under Current. Photo: @clancycoop
Photo: Sean Zimmerman-Wall
(L-R) Holystone Distilling co-owners Michael DeShazo, Barbie Busch DeShazo and Head Distiller Ethan Miller.
(L–R) Since opening Waterpocket, Alan and Julia Scott have released compelling and creative spirits and liqueurs. Photo: ColtonMarsalaPhotography.com
(L–R) Kiki Sieger, M. Horten Smith, Daniel Young, Dylan Schorer and Marie Bradshaw. | Photo by Johnny Cowan / johnnybetts.com
(L–R) Alpine Distilling’s Sara Sergent and Managing Director Rob Sergent make spirits that cater to Utah’s alpine lifestyle, starting with water in Silver Creek. Photo @clancycoop
Pallet allures with offerings that range from its visionary and decadent cocktail menu to its elegant, farm-fresh dishes (pictured: Elk). Photo: Talyn Sherer
Nick Chachas | Photo: Talyn Sherer