Bertram the Butcher, one of the many horrors of The Castle of Chaos
Dozens of past and present employees, as well as dedicated book lovers, gathered on Aug. 17, 2019 to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Weller Book Works.
A stunning example of insane craftsmanship at the Junction City Chopper Show.
Photo by: Ori Media.
Everything nerdy for sale at FanX19 inclluding massive posters. Pro Tip: Have a plan for storing such large purchases during the con, or you will be stuck holding it all day... Photo: @Lmsorenson
Photo: Jennifer Thayn
Photo courtesy of Lucre Films.
(L–R) Art’s Place co-owners Yolanda and Art Sanchez offer a hidden gem of a dance club in SLC’s Westside, and welcome all who are looking for a fun night of dancing.