Giuliana Serena curates The Bee to bring people together through participants telling and hearing true, personal stories. Photo: Trevor Christensen
(L–R) Sofia Scott and Wade Leavitt aka The Harlot co-host both 2017 and 2018's Transgiving. Photo courtesy of Cat Palmer.
A shared moment with Tatum and Kallman.
(L–R) Amerah Ames and Greg Kyte during Comedy Church sacrament. Photo courtesy of Greg Kyte.
Photo by: Matthew Fit
Simmons embracing one of his creations. Photo: John Barkiple
Who doesn't love a photo booth? Photo: Randy Roberts
Parade lines and celebrations reach all the way down the streets. Photo: Logan Sorenson |
(L–R) Anton, Niloo, Bryce and Andy cheers the SLUG Mag team for throwing together such an awesome event. Photo: Talyn Sherer