Proof of Provo – March 1991


Provo’s Pie Pizzeria has added live entertainment to their schedule for the weekends. The shows start on Thursday with live, acoustic music and continue through Friday and Saturday with sets from local bands. The stage is small and the audience is still getting used to the idea of live music but, for the most part, the response has been positive.

Kicking off the concerts was So Be It, socially conscious rockers. Vocalist Dave Nash filled breaks between songs with his wry witticisms and politically tinged insight. So Be It rocks hard with Hendrix guitars and U2-style brashness. Anti-war overtones and humanitar­ian words are the four both during and before songs. So Be It kept the crowd up and entertained with their music and their repartee.

Ritual played their two-man industrial/techno pop with en­ergy and drama. Even with the flu, lead vocalist and programmer Eric Anderson put on a great performance writhing and thrashing as he sang and alternated played keyboards and the octapad. With John Jones singing back-up as well as playing keyboards, Ritual delivered music that lies somewhere between Depeche Mode and Nitzer Ebb; lots of cool industrial noises and intricately technical rhythms. (Ritual will be playing The Pompadour this month.)

Living Room is a crafty techno pop group fronted by baseball­ capped Tom Laird. Playing in the midst of tacky lamps and an overall decore that would make any grandmother proud, Living Room gives off the cozy aura of a fireside sing-along. Other band members include a bassist, a fabulous record player and, again, John Jones on keyboards and backing vocals (and occasional tambou­rine). Laird’s lyrics are very personal and revealing but are tempered by the lighter, happier sounds of his music.

Other bands playing the Pie last month were Poetic Justice, Ali Ali Oxen Free, Jake & Me and Stretch Armstrong.

The Pie has an intimate feel -like watching a musical perform­ance in your own home. The casualness can be either a positive or a negative thing where audience members complain about volume or musical tastes or where feedback is immediate and enthusiastic.

If you’re interested in playing The Pie in Provo get in touch with James Call at The Pie (373-1600) to set up an audition. Keep in mind that the atmosphere is for dining so not every band will fit in the format, but it’s a good chance for exposure in Provo.

Coming to The Pie: March 7th, Steve Burchett; March 8th & 9th, Idaho Syndrome; and March 14th & 15th, Ali Ali Oxen Free. For information on the rest of the month, call The Pie.

Just an editorial sideline…

Supporting the local music scene in Provo or Salt Lake or wherever doesn’t mean attending shows or promoting shows by, say, two bands or within one musical genre. It means seeing as many shows as one is able, whether you like the bands or their musical style or not, and supporting all types of creative, musical expression.

Climbing off my soap box and wishing the best of luck to every local band in Utah.


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