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Episode #197 - 4/16/15

Utah House Representative Johnny Anderson

SLUG writer Alex Cragun had the chance to speak with Utah House Representative Johnny Anderson about the fallout from the 2015 legislative session, talking about the best and worst things to come out of this year's run.

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Episode #196 - 4/9/15

Chuck BB, Fiendlord

SLUG’s Digital Content Coordinator, Henry Glasheen, dives into comics with “Black Metal” artist and “Stone Cold Lazy” contributor Chuck BB, as well as playing a track from SLC symphonic black metal band Fiendlord.

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Episode #195 - 4/2/15


SLUG Senior Staff Writer, Justin Gallegos, goes over the finer points of 8-bit music with Joe Greathouse, the mind behind SLC cyberpunk project VCR5. Plus, we listen to two tracks from his brand new EP.

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Episode #194 - 3/26/15

5 Starving Artists, The Weekenders

On this week’s episode, writer Alex Cragun explores the work behind 5 Starving Artists, and chats with one of the bands involved with the project—The Weekenders.

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