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Episode #203 - Hard Left

Hard Left

SLUG's Managing Editor, Alexander Ortega, talks with Mike Schulman and Tim Brown from the band hard-mod Oi! punk band Hard Left, while we listen to two tracks from their new album.


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Episode #202 - 5/21/15

Elemente & Suburban Birds

SLUG Senior Writer, Mariah Mellus, chats with the women behind Elementé before they close up shop this June. Plus, new music from SLC indie-rock band Suburban Birds.

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Episode #201 - 5/14/15

Miss VeroniKa & The Dahlia Room

SLUG writer Taylor Hoffman sits down for a pair of sexually risque interviews. The first with BDSM expert Miss VeroniKa about the genre and her classes, followed by Jennifer Fei from The Dahlia Room to discuss her adult shop.

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Episode #200 - 5/7/15

Baby Gurl

Listen to the latest music from SLC rock duo Baby Gurl, as the two men sit down for an interview with SLUG’s Managing Editor, Alexander Ortega.

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