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Episode #145 - 4/14/14

Oasis Games, Rotten Musicians, Mark Dago, Dr. Volts Comics

Soundwaves is geeking out this week. We speak with local gamers and comic book enthusiasts, and hear music from videogame/Dungeons & Dragons inspired group Rotten Musicians and solo artist Mark Dago.

- Alex Sittner, card master and owner of Oasis Games, discusses the science and competition behind card-based, tabletop sport.

Rotten Musicians are a group of dice-rolling, word-engineering white boys. Check out the track “20+ Broadsword,” from their 2008 debut, Say You Love Her.

- When not performing with the pack of goons known as the Rotten Musicians, Mark Dago is busy creating his own fantasy themed tunes. Listen to “Magic Kingdom” on this episode of SLUG Soundwaves.

- SLUG speaks with Dave Landa of Dr. Volt’s Comics, and we find out that the unique visual medium isn’t just for nerds.

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Episode #144 - 4/7/14

Awkward Fest 2014, Get Stakerized!, Magic Mint, Yelp

Things get a little weird when Brian Staker stops by the Soundwaves studio, and Jeffrey Steadman from Yelp checks in to give us the scoop on “awkward” restaurants in the Salt Lake area. We also listen to music from Staker’s band, Get Stakerized! and new local, solo artist Magic Mint.

- SLUG writer and host of podcast The Awkward Hour, Brian Staker, speaks with host Dan Nailen about the upcoming Awkward Fest. A celebration of the Awkward Hour’s 6th anniversary and all things socially inept, the event will bring together a collection of Salt Lake City’s art, performance and entertainment personalities.

- Brian Staker is not only a master of the ungainly he also performs bluesy, 1990s rock under the moniker, Get Stakerized! Listen in as we check out “Dying By Degrees.”

- Local musician Andrew Shaw, who you may know from such local groups as The Platte and Color Animal, has most recently pursued a solo music project as Magic Mint. His debut release, Grand America, is a lackadaisical trip through slow, and sometimes dark, indie rock. On this episode we listen to the track “Sheep” off the six-track EP.

- Jeffrey from Yelp stops in for a chat with our host, Dan, to give us a heads up on the delicious restaurants around SLC that have an interesting dynamic. Whether it be a strange layout or an interesting theme, Jeffrey has the knowledge and we are eager to get in the know about these local eateries.

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SLUG Messes With Texas

SXSW 2014

SLUG was represented at SXSW by our own Angela H. Brown, Alexander Ortega, Cody Kirkland and Joshua Joye. This fearless troop took a few opportunities to get away from the chaos in Austin, Texas and record a bonus episode of Soundwaves, so that they could give insight into the madness and music they witnessed. Along with bacon-wrapped hot dogs, killer beer and visits from Utah musicians, including David Johnson of Max Pain and The Groovies, the SXSW team recount their most memorable, and least favorite, parts of the weeklong music festival.

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Episode #143 - 3/31/14

SXSW Recap: Polytype & Moneypenny

SXSW has come and gone, leaving a wake of plastic cups, panties and music dreams in the streets of Austin, Texas. Local bands Polytype and Moneypenny were there for the action, so SLUG speaks to them about their time and experiences there. We hear music from Polytpe’s debut album, as well as Moneypenny’s 2013 release.

- Polytype has been through a lot since it’s formation in 2011: releasing a debut album, signing to a label and going through a line-up change all while continuing to play live. Since coming back from the show-ravaged state of Texas, Mason Porter, a member of the local electronic/indie band was able to chat with SLUG about the group’s experience at SXSW. We also listen to “Coinflip” from their debut, Basic // Complex.

- Moneypenny are a pop-punk band based out of both Utah and California. The band has been pumping out positive, upbeat and catchy jams since 2006 and just this year released their newest, a self-titled album. Their song “Below The Surface” is a testament to all that is pop-punk.

- SLUG had the chance to chat with Issac Ellsworth, guitarist and vocalist of Moneypenny, on the phone while they were in Austin, TX at the SXSW Music Festival. Issac discussed band community ethics, the reception of their new album, the message behind Moneypenny and more.

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April Daily Calendar

  • Birding @ Red Butte
  • Temples, Drowners @ Urban
  • Mary Roach: Reading & Signing @ Weller Book Works
  • CHVRCHES, The Range @ Depot
  • Iron Reagan, Occultist, Year Of The Wolf, Tough Tittie @ Gino's
  • Beware The Darkness, Kiss Me Kill Me, The Paper Guns, Blinded By Truth @ Lo-Fi Cafe
  • Leaders, Approach The Throne, Of Ivy & Ashes, Constellations, Ten Plagues, Cries Of The Captives @ Mojos
  • Bellows @ Shred Shed
  • Graveyard, Bombus @ Urban
  • Predatory Light, Winterlore, Moon Of Delirium @ Bar Deluxe
  • Utah County Swillers @ Garage
  • Danny Shafer @ Hog Wallow
  • Fortunate Youth, True Press @ Lo-Fi Cafe
  • Big Shiny Geek Show Pub Quiz @ Lucky 13
  • Cast Out, Right Hook @ Mojos
  • Kill Lincoln, Bombshell Academy, Show Me Island @ MusicGarage
  • 801 Sessions: The Pelicants, The Blue Aces, Murphy Jackson @ Shred Shed
  • Micky & The Motorcars, Triggers & Slips @ State Room
  • Faster Pussycat, Red Light Saints, SevenTKing @ The Royal
  • Restless Heart @ Egyptian Theatre
  • Mark Chaney & The Garage All Stars @ Garage
  • Talia Keys, Gemini Mind @ Hog Wallow
  • Spy Hop Annual Benefit: Write The Future @ Infinity
  • Wild & Scenic Film Festival @ Jim Santy Auditorium
  • Rags & Ribbons, The Kings Solar, Cade Walker @ Kilby
  • J. Craig Venter: Life At The Speed Of Light @ Kingsbury
  • Lindsay Saunders, Claire Grayson, Founder @ Muse Music
  • Ririe-Woodbury: Accelerate @ Rose Wagner
  • Captives, Wearing Thin, No Sun @ Shred Shed
  • Poor Man's Whiskey @ State Room
  • Open Air Stereo, Miggs @ The Royal
  • Hunter Hayes, Danielle Bradbery, Dan + Shay @ UCCU Center
  • Mobb Deep, Concise Kilgore, DJ Juggy @ Urban
  • Corey Christiansen Trio @ Why Sound
  • Ed Hubble Band @ Willie's
  • God's Revolver, Die Off, Emerald Tablets @ ABG's
  • Tchaikovsky's Suite No.3 @ Abravanel
  • King Niko, SynAesthetic @ Bar Deluxe
  • Chalula @ Bayou
  • Lady Legs @ Brewskis
  • DJ Dolph @ Downstairs
  • Restless Heart @ Egyptian Theatre
  • Re-Framing Mental Health @ Evergreen Framing
  • Swede Sheiks @ Garage
  • The Lunchbox @ Jim Santy Auditorium
  • Disforia, Visigoth, Sonic Prophecy, Helvetica Scenario @ Lo-Fi Cafe
  • Tom Bennett, Michael Cundick @ lokals
  • Barbaloot Suitz @ Mestizo
  • Goodgrape, Slyfox, Baker Street Blues Band @ Mojos
  • Starr Saunders, Nikki Forova @ Muse Music
  • Rattlesnake Wine @ Outlaw Saloon
  • And I The Lion @ Shred Shed
  • Natural Roots, 2 ½ White Guys, The Sarah B Band, Show Me Island @ State Room
  • Bombshell Academy, Autumn Eclipse @ The Royal
  • Giraffula, Birthday Bash, The North Valley, Palace of Buddies, Uinta @ Urban
  • Park City's Last Friday Gallery Stroll @ Various Galleries
  • Driver Out, The Chronicle Trio, My New Mistress @ Why Sound
  • Sugartown Alley, Hectic Hobo @ Woodshed
  • Tchaikovsky's Suite No.3 @ Abravanel
  • Fetish Ball @ Area 51
  • The Number Ones @ Bayou
  • Frankie J. Grande, Lovey James, Christian Collins, Keenen Cahill @ Complex
  • Downlink, Dieselboy, Jonny Law, Gameboy Dan @ Depot
  • Chris Kennedy @ Downstairs
  • Brewer & Shipley @ Egyptian Theatre
  • Contra Dancing, Loose Shoes @ First Unitarian Church
  • Jessica Wilkes & The Wyatt Trash Trio @ Garage
  • JCRD: Loco-Motives vs. Gallatin Roller Girlz; Trainwrecks vs. Jackson Hole Juggernauts @ Golden Spike Arena
  • Rick Gerber Band @ Hog Wallow
  • Manchester Orchestra @ In The Venue
  • Oscar D'Leon @ Infinity
  • The Lunchbox @ Jim Santy Auditorium
  • Omeed The Nag, Dusk Raps, House Of Lewis, Gryzzlee Beats, ConRad, Cannibal J DM, MC Noetic, DJ Vagif @ Kilby
  • Earth Jam 2014 @ Liberty Park
  • Da Mafia 6ix, Twisted Insane, Whitney Peyton, Sozay, Alan Winkle, etc. @ Lo-Fi Cafe
  • No Safe Way Home, Stories Of Ambition, Search Lights, Our City Skyline, Constellations @ Loading Dock
  • Morgan Thomas Band @ Mojos
  • Break Of Reality @ Murray Theater
  • Navajo Rug Auction @ Natural History Museum
  • Rattlesnake Wine @ Outlaw Saloon
  • Trees Are Terrific @ Red Butte
  • Leopold & His Fiction @ Shred Shed
  • AUDL: Salt Lake Lions vs. San Jose Spiders @ Taylorsville High
  • Bombay Bicycle Club, Royal Canoe @ Urban
  • Solarsuit @ Velour
  • Truth Of Fiction @ Why Sound