Sam Stinson. Photo: @clancycoop
Ayana Ifè. Photo: @clancycoop
(L–R) Elowyn LaPointe, Kayla Dowell, Bianca Velasquez and Summer Sigritz. Photo: @clancycoop
Photo: @clancycoop
Zaina Abujebarah. Photo: @clancycoop
Photo: @clancycoop
Photo: @clancycoop
Abraham von Waffles + Squid Vishuss. Photo: Tyson Call @clancycoop
Heather Mahler
Deena Marie Manzanares is an actor for stage and film, model, television host, blogger and new mother, and she's got plenty of insight to share about working acting jobs, the wild world of social media and being a new mother in heels. Photo: Tyson Call