Recovery and Sustainability Manager Morgan Olsen Bowerman touts Wasatch Resource’s capacity to process food waste with their anaerobic digester.
The Harmons' Cooking Class Program offers educational courses to curious patrons.
(L–R) Frog Bench Farms farmer Stacy Semborski and owners Joe and Paula Sargetakis provide veggies to various restaurants within a 10-mile radius nearly completely independent of the city’s water system.
Jamaica Trinnaman took her learnings from the grocery industry to execute her vision of her own bulk market.
The farm truck (with the farmers' dogs) ready to bring up produce to the restaurant at the end of the day.
Creative Director Richard Cardenas tracks food trends at Nicholas and Company.
Zaater & Zayton owners/chefs/sisters Mayyadah Saihood and Sahad Al Abadi cook delicious Middle Eastern cuisine via Spice Kitchen Incubator.
Christopher Nelson of The Hive Mind Apiary
(L–R) Lorena Jimenez and Orlando Cabrera.
Canvasback wine pours us a glass straight from the duck's mouth.