June 6, 2019

Contributor Limelight: Colton Marsala

Joining the SLUG team in July of 2016, Colton Marsala has photographed an impressive range of stories. From concert/event coverage to features about local businesses, Marsala has approached each assignment and challenge with tenacity and creativity. Shooting concerts is Marsala’s favorite type of SLUG photo assignment, and few things get Marsala’s adrenaline going like shooting from the pit. In that vein, Marsala values being a SLUG photographer because it allows him to help develop content that keeps people informed with happenings in Salt Lake City, and he loves being a part of something that promotes our community. Marsala believes in SLUG’s mission to support and promote smaller organizations—those who work hard at perfecting their craft. You can see Marsala’s photo essay on Michael Ori for this month’s Local Photography Issue.