Issue 338 – February 2017 cover art

february Issue

This February, SLUG offers a look into a sometimes unseen but always beloved part of Utah’s local music: the instrument builders and teachers. On the cover, SLUG designer Christian Broadbent crafts a simple and elegant acoustic guitar with a twist, stringing readers through the beloved cities and communities that it upholds.
eff Hopkins, Men’s Open Snow 2nd place, Backside lipslide 270 fakie. Photo: Chris Kiernan
Photo: Griffin Seibert
Black Diamond's Cold Forge Hoody.
The Workers Cup
The Harlot. Photo: ThatGuyGil
Young the Giant’s Sameer Gadhia moves to his own personal rig of noise, complete with a cowbell and all. Photo: Talyn Sherer.
338-SLUG-Magazine-Comix copy
(L–R) Elowyn LaPointe, Kayla Dowell, Bianca Velasquez and Summer Sigritz. Photo: @clancycoop
Photo: Courtesy of Javotti Media
Free Kittens Headshot
L–R) DJ SkratchMo, student Han Ying Yang and DJ Chaseone2 engage in DJ lessons that the Bboy Federation organizes. Photo: Jayson Ross
The Founder
(L–R) Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore of Tennis will hit The State Room on March 3. Photo: Luca Venter
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Julieta | Sony Pictures Classics
Photo: Chris Kiernan