SLUG Magazine May 2015 Issue Cover
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May. 23, 2015

Merchandise: Interview with Dave Vassalotti

Tampa, Florida’s Merchandise have spent the majority of their time together agitating all entrenched notions of punk, pop, noise and rock n’ roll. With albums Children of Desire and Totale Nite, the group developed a knack for writing sonically diverse, engrossing songs—songs on which Dave Vassalotti’s and Carson Cox’s songwriting dazzles like a Morrissey-fronted Jesus and Mary Chain covering The Replacements. ... read more

Journey to Space 3D @ Clark Planetarium

Due to an embarrassing deficiency in math skills and a primal fear of extra-terrestrial abduction, I was never too keen on becoming an astronaut. Regardless, I did grow up with an appreciation of science fiction, and the desire “to boldly go where no one has gone before” was not lost on me.  ... read more