Issue 330 – June 2016 cover art

june Issue

In SLUG's 9th Annual Beer Issue, we bring you the exciting newcomers and beloved favorites that keep the Beehive State's craft beer pouring. Cheers!
Aftermath of liftoff. Photo: Jayson Ross
Day 1: InAeona. Copyright Megan Kennedy // Abuse of Reason Art
Swans – The Glowing Man
(L–R) Utah Blues Festival Organizers Tripp Hopkins and Brian Kelm are excited for a second year of the festival.
Contest judge Ashley Bloxham gets a helping hand out of the rain. Photo: Niels Jensen
Jared Smith, backside power slide in full rain. Photo: Niels Jensen
A passerby would find the piece 'Mästo' by Lily Shafer & Andrea Kopecka to be somewhat incongruous with its environment—dishes covered in chewed gum sitting in the square in front of Abravanel Hall.
It was a lovely day for a parade, and the Utah Pride Festival didn’t disappoint. SLUG Magazine is proud to support this community through direct action. Photo: John Barkiple
Robert Smith captured mid–guitar solo. Photo: Logan Sorenson @Lmsorenson
Amber Pearson performs on the trapeze in front of hundreds of attendees. Photo: Tyson Call @clancycoop