Issue 336 – December 2016 cover art

december Issue

Chilly weather is finally here, and the warming beverage on everyone’s mind is coffee. SLUG illustrator Brighton Ballard painted this month’s cover with watercolors, depicting a rosetta crowning a latte at the center. Such a tabletop setting is conducive for reading SLUG, and so is our most beloved of caffeinated beverages.

(L–R) Manager WIlliam Lapthorne and Roaster Patrick Andrews have solidified their proprietary roasts as the sole coffees offered at Blue Copper Coffee Room.
(L–R) Alan Hebertson and Dieter Sellmair have nurtured Coffee Garden at 9th and 9th as a community space.
Since Derek Belnap opened 3 Cups in Holladay, the coffee establishment has become a second home for many throughout the neighborhood.
Visit Jack Mormon Coffee at 82 N. E Street, Salt Lake City.
As Publik expands its Salt Lake presence, owner Missy Greis has helped to ensure that the coffee roasting company continues to uphold its founding mission and ethos.
(L–R) Caffe Ibis Director of Coffee Brandon Despain and Marcalina “Ina” Walu, chairwoman of the Kahgo Masa co-op, a Flores-based coffee farm from which Ibis sources.
Photo: Bob Plumb
Illustration: Spencer Holt
Owner and operator John Piquet brews each cup of coffee to its unique place of perfection at Caffe D’Bolla.
Fellow Products’ Stagg-Kettle.
Photo: Talyn Sherer
Photo: Talyn Sherer
(L–R) Head Roaster Zach Amador, President Stacey Maxwell and CFO Steve Brewster underscore the freshness of their roasts at Millcreek Coffee.
(L–R) Josh Rosenthal, Joe Evans and Levi Rogers are rounding out La Barba’s wholesale roasts and specialty delights.
(L–R) Nick Price and Meg Frampton brew coffee and espresso with adroit attention to each scientific detail at Three Pines Coffee.
Gillian Chase crafts sweeping, electronica-infused textures as Le Voir, capturing the danceable sensibilities of synth-pop and EDM.
La La Land | Lionsgate
(L–R) Mark Wilson and Miguel Peterson help run Rimini Coffee with emphases on collaboration, approachability and a deep-rooted love for coffee.