Issue 334 – October 2016 cover art

october Issue

Spooky tales weave through our October 2016 issue, while Central 9th, City Salt, Max Pain and the Groovies and more haunt the pages of SLUG
Archive Recording's Wes Johnson.
Cult Classics vs Comedians
Cover By: Benjamin Mackey
The display for Honest John Bitters really made you feel as though you were stepping back in time to the days of snake-oil salesmen peddling their wares. Photo: Talyn Sherer
Dear Esther is a non-traditional video game that doesn’t demand various button presses or trigger pulls to perform pre-determined actions.
(L–R) Paul Bostaph, Tom Araya, Gary Holt, Kerry King
Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel perform together as the fantastic duo, Phantogram. Photo:
Courtesy of Assemblage 23
Photo: @clancycoop
Photo courtesy of the band.
Slug raises his fist above the crowd, starting off another song with a salute. Photo:
“Bugged out at CBGB’s.”
Kelly Lublin | CitySalt
(L–R) Together, Rich Evans, Kyle Smith, Evan Dahl and Ross Hagen of Burn Your World craft a grimacing, grinding and blackened deathcrust.
The band kicked their eight-week tour off with the release of a killer new album, "Sir Nebula."
From its fraught animal-sacrifice beginnings to an inexplicable explosion, the decades-old, chilling legend of Kay's Cross forges on.
(L–R) Autumn Rogers, Chalice Blythe and Aaron Shea are three core members of The Satanic Temple’s Utah Chapter, established in early 2016.
(L-R) With the help of local skaters like Joey Sandoval with "Issue #1," Willy Nevins has embarked on his new zine, "Street Buds."
Mike Brown thought that he'd go ghost hunting, but Badass Spirit Outlaws showed that spirits are actually a diverse bunch.