For February’s 35th Anniversary Issue – Local Leadership, David Habben (@habben_illustration) portrays Emerald Project Co-Founder Nora Abu-Dan as a leader whose advocacy work for Utah Muslims reflects back on the community. Read more about her inside the issue!

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Lunares Explores the Unseen Power of Tears in Lágrimas: Rain,...

This desire to provoke and connect is emblematic of the exhibit’s inspiration—Lunares’ realization of how tears may give us better insight and help us grow. … read more

SLUG Mag’s 35th Anniversary Party: A Show to Remember in...

The 35th Anniversary Party proved that there’s a space for everyone in the SLC music scene and that SLUG Mag maintains its commitment to covering and supporting it. … read more

SLUG’s Anniversary Party Celebrates 35 Years of Covering Utah’s Diverse...

SLUG’s 35th Anniversary Party is probably the most convincing way to get across that Salt Lake’s music scene has been—and continues to be—vibrant, diverse, inventive and always-growing. … read more

Bold & Beautiful: Baby J

When Baby J was 19 years old, he convinced his older sister to go pole dancing for her birthday. He never expected it would lead him to a fulfilling career...

Queer Shakespeare: Plan-B Theatre’s Balthazar Reads Between the Scenes

On February 15, Plan-B Theatre Company will present the first ever showing of Balthazar, a riff on Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. … read more

Alison Mosshart talks God Games, The Kills’ Upcoming SLC Show...

The Kills will be playing with The Paranoyds at The Union Event Center on February 9. Don’t miss your chance to come out and see them live for the first...

From 14-Piece Band to Nonprofit: Hot House West’s Collective Dream

Local 14-piece swing band Hot House West is taking the next step to become a nonprofit organization called the Swing Collective that promotes the culture of jazz and swing in...

Love Letters to the West Side: Celebrating the Roots We...

MICA's third art exhibit, Love Letters to the West Side, is a heartfelt homage to the often-overlooked Salt Lake City neighborhoods and communities. … read more

Bold & Beautiful: Robin D’Banc

Despite their self-described "mean girl energy," Robin D'Banc's personal journey and performances have inspired their community to be authentic. … read more

Through Suffering, Hope: The Healing Power of Betsy L. Ross’...

Ross’ tale of finding meaning in suffering is a deeply affecting balm worthy of countering the malaise of the 2020s. … read more

SLUG Style: Amanda Madden

As a nonbinary filmmaker, artist, educator, director, editor and community organizer, Amanda Madden’s style is influenced by their art and communtiy. … read more

Magic: The Gathering Monday at Blue Gene’s

Monday Night Magic is for everyone, from passionate fans of Magic: The Gathering to curious spectators. It’s for people to come together, have some drinks and play a game they...

Ink Master Winner Bobby Johnson: Skating, Prison Tattoos and the...

Local tattoo artist and latest Ink Master winner Bobby Johnson tells SLUG how his childhood shaped his career. … read more

Bold & Beautiful: Heller Highwater

Heller Highwater is a Wyoming-raised space cowboy navigating disability, trauma, and masculinity through "Reclaiming his Yeehaw." … read more

SLUG Style: Abigail Rue Jenson

Abigail Rue Jenson uses sewing and textiles as a means of personal healing and growth with her brand, How Do I Flower? … read more

5th Annual Craft Lake City Holiday Market Presented By Google...

Celebrating its fifth year, Holiday Market provided plenty of opportunities for fun and finding the perfect gifts to complete attendees' holiday shopping. … read more

Transfeastival 11.19 @ The Beehive

Transfeastival saw roughly 100 people participate in the free event throughout the day at The Beehive. … read more

Bold & Beautiful: Sally Cone Slopes

Growing up watching drag reality with her mother, the Why Kiki legend Sally Cone Slopes started practicing and began her drag journey during 2020. … read more

SLUG Style: Daddy Long Legs

A self-described "styletender" at ACME Bar Co. and Waterwitch, Daddy Long Legs mixes drinks and serves looks. … read more

If You’re Waiting for Permission to Love Someone, Ryan Michael...

In September of 1983, Ryan Painter’s father was the first diagnosed AIDS patient in Utah to pass away. The memories of his father are detailed in his memoir. … read more

Seated to Inspire: Mountainfilm On Tour @ Sundance Resort

To the good luck of story lovers and adventurers alike, Mountainfilm on Tour will be projected at Sundance Mountain Resort on November 10 and 11. … read more

MICA’s Roots of Resistance Gallery Opening @ The Gateway 10.21

On Saturday, October 21, Salt Lake City met its newest gallery space from MICA (Mestizo Institute of Culture and Arts) at The Gateway. … read more

Designing a Community with NOVEL Daybreak

NOVEL Daybreak apartment homes aim to create the ideal intersection of community-focused living and luxury design. … read more

SLUG Style: Brennah Strange

Brennah Strange is a local designer crafting stylish, functional pieces fit for a mountain biking excursion or a science fiction film set. … read more

Salt Break City: Breaking Barriers at Utah’s First All-Femme Breakdancing...

On Oct. 13–14 , Katie Hall will take her breakdance talents behind the scenes to put on Utah’s first all-femme breakdancing event: Salt Break City. … read more

A Celebration of Queer Cinema: Damn These Heels Film Festival

As the longest-running queer film festival in the mountain west, Damn These Heels has continuously pushed boundaries and sparked discussions. … read more

Play Review: Murder On the Orient Express

Pioneer Theatre Company’s Murder on the Orient Express stands as the biggest, most colorful ensemble of characters the theatre has put on to date … read more

Bold & Beautiful: Ana Lee Kage

Since leaving architecture behind, Ana Lee Kage has combined her love for creating unique clothing with a long-running love for drag to stand out as both a performer and a...

NASA’s Ben Ashman on OSIRIS-REx Sample Return Landing in Utah

NASA's Ben Ashman talks about the upcoming asteroid sample return, set to land in Utah. … read more

From Roadblocks to Block Party: The Entrepreneurial Journey of Michelda...

On Saturday, September 16 at 2 p.m., Versatile Image, a creative agency that supports small businesses, will host the third annual UNITY Block Party: Finding the U in Community. … read more

SLUG Style: Katie Child

Draped in leather jackets and heavy boots, Katie Child has the sense of style that blends Western and rock-n-roll. … read more

Grid City Music Fest: A Celebration of South Salt Lake...

South Salt Lake City hosts this year’s Grid City Music Fest Aug. 25–26 to show off the vibrant business and a notable restaurants the comprise area. … read more

The Story of Three Sisters: A Celebration of Indigenous Foodways

The Three Sisters dinner brought together local leaders working to support communities of color through food advocacy. … read more

Bad Bunny @ The Delta Center 2.21

Bad Bunny’s Most Wanted Tour kickoff on Wednesday, February 21 in Salt Lake City was a historic event, representing the Delta Center’s highest-grossing show ever.  … read more


With resources they are provided—and only seeing the tip of its full potential—AN EXERCISE IN HUMAN ERROR feels like it’s been reduced to a 4-bit Game & Watch. … read more

Local Review: Bandhood – Bandhood 3

This album almost drives you into an endless abyss of ethereal sound. I have never heard anything quite like Bandhood. … read more

Local Review: Aunt Philis Disco Dream – Portals

Portals is made to throw on a record player with some old-school cartoons playing in the background. Will Salt Lake City be the home of a psychedelic rock revival? … read more

The Reincarnation of Lilly E. Gray: Evolving into Yourself

Gothic artist Lilly E. Gray “did what all good goth artists do … stole it off a headstone” at the Salt Lake Cemetery, where a mysterious grave reads “Lilly E....

Local Review: Snailhorse – Snailhorse II

Listening to Snailhorse II is like putting on your most-loved, most-comfortable sweater—the one that may be unflattering but that you know looks cute from just the right angle. … read more

Local Review: The Apathetics – Last Rites

What do all punk rockers do when they reach middle age? They give up all the rage and embrace the misery. … read more

Local Music Singles Roundup: January 2024
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January's Local Music Singles Roundup is the perfect selection to hammer out those New Year’s resolutions or curl up on the couch and mourn your youth—whatever you’re in the mood...

Local Review: Ambedo – Polyresin

Ambedo’s Polyresin makes me feel young again. The album’s story arc is a little less a coming-of-age than it is a questioning-of-age, an anxiety of purpose and place. … read more

Top 5 Rock-Distorting Albums of 2023 to End The World...

Pop open a stolen Veuve Clicquot, sit on the steps of Capitol Hill and drone out the vaporizing mushroom clouds with five of the best rock albums from this year....

Top 5 Roots Albums of 2023 for Swinging to the...

Finding new, worthwhile roots music can be tedious. But while these artists definitely have vintage characteristics, each of them is finding new, original ways to use these elements. … read more

Top 5 Post-Punk Albums of 2023 to Smash your Neighbors’...

Grab your favorite pair of Doc Martens, a baseball bat and a pack of American Spirits and tune in to SLUG’s top 5 post-punk albums of 2023. … read more

Top 5 R&B Albums of 2023 That Prove Girls Run...

As 2023 makes its way into history, war seems to be everywhere you look (again). Amidst the greatest pain, the mamas of the world offer unprecedented perspectives of love. … read more

Top 5 Metal Albums of 2023 Your Mom Won’t Let...

As the holidays come around, blast all of these albums at your family dinner. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, but fuck that—here are the top five violence-invoking metal releases...

Top 5 Folk/Americana Albums of 2023 to Make New Friends...

These five albums demonstrate that discovery has a leg up on invention. We don’t need to abandon what we love to make something new.  … read more

Top 5 Alternative Femme Albums of 2023 To Sponsor Your...

Bring on the bad bitch energy because these five ladies are drenched in it. Get ready to jump, dance, sing, cry and move on from that shitty ex or toxic...

Local Review: Bodaget – Still At Home

Bodaget’s debut record, Still At Home, proves that pop-punk isn’t dead. It has loud, rage-filled bursts alongside soft, sentimental moments, which balances out the album. … read more

Review: Ashes Fallen – Walk Through Fire

California-based gothic rock band Ashes Fallen not only satisfies those that like darker post-punk styles of music, but it transcends genres and dips into both EBM and rock. … read more

Local Review: Mantis Jackson – The Right Time (Like We...

The two albums feature high-tempo blues, rock and jazz tracks. I can’t help but feel like I’ve just stepped into one of their jam sessions from the moment the music...

Local Music Singles Roundup: December 2023
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This month’s hand-picked blend of dream pop, shoegaze and psychedelic rock from local artists pairs perfectly with the changing seasons. … read more

Local Review: No Such Animal – The Entertainer

No Such Animal moves like a wrecking ball into the future with hints of late ’80s hard-rock reinvention, ’90s aggressive progressiveness and early ’00s power-pop walls of sound. … read more

Celebrating 25 Years of Kilby Court, The Heart of Salt...

Kilby Court—an intimate, all-ages venue not much bigger than a two-car garage—has been at the heart of the Utah music scene for 25 years. … read more

Local Review: Reverend Morley – The Kirby Project

The Kirby Project executes an unsettling vision with defiant rock. Reverend Morley’s aggressive instrumentation and vocals blend a raucous brio with experimental flair.  … read more

Local Review: Herring – Who Affects the Sun

If you crave post-punk-adjacent instrumentals in the fall, consider adding Who Affects The Sun into your leaf-crunching, moon-gazing, hot, black coffee-drinking music rotation.  … read more

The First Female Horror Host: A History of Vampira by...

SLUG chatted with gothic-rock band Ashes Fallen about their tenacious investigations and archiving of Vampira’s legendary life as the world’s first female horror host. … read more

Tyler Glenn on LOVELOUD, Neon Trees’ New Era and Becoming...

Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees has been busy. After a six-week tour Glenn will going to perform at this year’s LOVELOUD festival on November 3 at the Delta Center. … read more

Local Review: Casio Ghost – Postmodern Blues

Postmodern Blues is all the vocal reverb and twangy guitar of modern surf rock combined with the lo-fi vocal distortion and barely intelligible lyrics of Julian Casablancas. … read more

Set in Stone: An Interview with Nick Jost of Baroness

With Baizley's deep, blistering lyrics, Gleason's insane guitar playing and the best rhythm section in hard music composed of Jost and Thomson, Baroness will never go gentle into that good...

Review: Holly Humberstone – Paint My Bedroom Black

Paint My Bedroom Black is an album from someone who is self-assured, creative and most of all a lover of music. Humberstone is well aware of the weight and solace music...

Film Review: Dune: Part Two

Whether Paul Atreides is a messiah or not, Denis Villenueve is certainly delivering us from the doldrums of assembly line mediocrity. … read more

Film Review: Ordinary Angels

The Christian movie market has been thriving at the box office, which is impressive when you consider that it arguably has yet to produce a single good movie. … read more

Film Review: Bleeding Love

Bleeding Love is middle of the road movie that is better suited to a $6.99 rental at home than a trip to the theater. … read more

Film Review: The Teacher’s Lounge

It’s an insightful piece of filmmaking that is unlikely to find the wide audience deserved, though it’s going to leave a mark on nearly everyone who sees it. … read more

Film Review: Bob Marley: One Love

Bob Marley: One Love is an entertaining, if disjointed, snapshot into the life and achievements of a complex and important figure in music, spiritualism, and politics. … read more

Film Review: Argylle

If you’re ready to laugh and have a great time with an unapologetically indulgent thrill ride, Argylle is just the ticket for a weekend diversion. … read more

Sundance Interview: Molly Manning Walker on How To Have Sex

British Writer-Director Molly Manning Walker brought her narrative feature debut, How To Have Sex, to Park City this year, where—despite the chilly weather—it received a warm reception. … read more

Sundance Film Review: Presence

Presence is less a movie than it is a gimmick, and while I'm all for Soderbergh making smaller films, this is the latest frustrating example of his tendency to go...

Sundance Film Review: Ponyboi 

Ponyboi is a bold and transcendent performance that is screaming out to be seen, and if Hollywood is willing to look at Gallo, it could be a game changer. … read more

Sundance Film Review: Agent of Happiness

Agent of Happiness is a film that poses many questions, though the only answer it can give is that happiness is reliable only in its elusiveness. … read more

Sundance Film Review: Brief History of a Family

What a vibrant debut this is, feverish with ideas and energy. Whatever Lin’s next project is, he’s got no shortage of infectious ingenuity to pull it off. … read more

Sundance Film Review: Rob Peace

Ejiofor capably tells a tragic tale that is worthy of the Bard in Rob Peace—if he can hone is instincts a bit, he has the potential to be great storyteller....

Slamdance Film Review: Hell of Se

Overall, Hell of Se has elements of interesting characters and a classic plot, but the film lacks proper development to capitalize on those unique traits. … read more

Sundance Film Review: Suncoast

In the case of Suncoast, it feels a bit too much like writer/director Laura Chinn was meeting with her therapist and was told “just write a screenplay about your teenage...

Slamdance Film Review: Darla in Space

After learning that she is over $300,000 in debt, Darla discovers a sentient kombucha scoby named Mother that can communicate with her telepathically and give people psychedelic orgasms. … read more

Slamdance Review: Bike Vessel

Bike Vessel is an intimate documentary where director Eric Seals undertakes a bike journey from St. Louis to Chicago with his father. … read more

Slamdance Film Review: Anna’s Feelings

In Anna's Feelings, a Russian factory worker becomes an unlikely savior as she begins to hear the voices of extraterrestrial civilizations. … read more

Sundance Film Review: EVERY LITTLE THING

In EVERY LITTLE THING, a woman undertakes a transformative journey as she cares for wounded hummingbirds. … read more

Sundance Film Review: Good One

Good One explores teenage girlhood as 17-year-old Sam embarks on a weekend in the Catskills with her father and his longtime friend. … read more

Sundance Film Review: Will & Harper

Will Ferrell and Harper Steele star in Will & Harper, where two lifelong friends embark on a cross-country road trip after one comes out as a trans woman. … read more

Lucy Lawless will Never Look Away From A Great Story

If there’s one thing that Lawless hopes audiences will take away from her film, it’s a sense of love and respect for journalists working in war zones. … read more

Slamdance Film Review: Daruma

Daruma is not trying to convince you that one needs to overcome a disability in order to be happy; rather, that happiness comes from learning how to embrace it. … read more

Slamdance Film Review: Invisible Nation

Invisible Nation’s 85-minute runtime does not linger on cliche storytelling, where it could easily drive the tone into make-believe propaganda.  … read more

Slamdance Film Review: The Herricanes

The Herricanes leaves the audience inspired to try new things and break down stereotypes, no matter what other people might think. … read more

Slamdance Film Review: Demon Mineral

Demon Mineral is a damning indictment of the U.S. government’s negligence and violence toward Indigenous communities, showing just how far-reaching the negative effects of the nuclear arms race were. … read more

Slamdance Film Review: On the Way Home

The film expresses the point that many of the younger people are excited to be moving into a new place, but many older residents are hesitant. … read more

Slamdance Film Review: Citizen Weiner

In an ever-growing sea of satire, political quasi-documentary Citizen Weiner fails to make a clear statement nor much of a lasting impression. … read more

A Discussion on I’m ‘George Lucas’: A Connor Ratliff Story...

Since 2014, Ratliff has interviewed baffled celebrity guests in character as Lucas, at first on stage at Hell’s Kitchen’s UCB Theatre and, since the pandemic, over elaborately live streamed video...

Sundance Film Review: I Saw The TV Glow

I Saw the TV Glow is funnier and warmer than Scheonbrun’s debut We’re All Going to the World’s Fair, but it’s also more genuinely frightening and disturbing. … read more

Slamdance Film Review: Slide

Slide is a madcap animated Western centered around a small town called Sourdough Creek and its idiosyncratic locals. … read more

Sundance Film Review: My Old Ass

In My Old Ass, Elliot meets her older self during a mushroom trip the summer before she leaves for college. … read more

Sundance Film Review: How to Have Sex

How to Have Sex is a shockingly realistic portrayal of how young girls are first introduced to the trap of sexual hedonism and the relationship between social pressure and blurry...

Sundance Film Review: Winner

Winner is the story of Reality Winner, a Capitol Hill misfit who becomes an unlikely whistleblower for exposing Russia's interference in the 2016 election. … read more

Slamdance Film Review: Love and Work

Love and Work is about shoe factory hopefuls Diane and Fox, two people who love to work in a world where employment is outlawed. … read more

Sundance Film Review: A Real Pain

In A Real Pain, two cousins reunite after their grandmother's death for a trip to Poland, where old family tensions resurface. … read more

Slamdance Film Review: The Bitcoin Car

The Bitcoin Car is a musical adventure blending the disparate worlds of goat farming and crypto mining. … read more

Sundance Film Review: Handling the Undead

Handling the Undead is a well-crafted re-contextualization of a familiar monster that ruminates on how to mourn loss when it's staring you in the face. … read more

Sundance Film Review: The American Society of Magical Negroes

The American Society of Magical Negroes is a daring, exquisitely crafted film that succeeds on every level, entertaining while educating and, most importantly, giving voice to thoughts and feelings that...

Sundance Film Review: Sasquatch Sunset

Sasquatch Sunset is somewhere in between a low-brow, gross-out physical comedy and a touching survival documentary. … read more

Sundance Film Review: The Outrun

The Outrun follows Saoirse Ronan's character Rona through a cycle of victories and relapses as she seeks out a personal reset that will stick. … read more

Sundance Film Review: Between the Temples

Nathan Silver’s comedy Between the Temples is bursting at its haphazardly-stitched seams with fun starring the hilarious duo Jason Schwartzman and Carol Kane. … read more

Sundance Film Review: Love Me

Love Me follows two artificial intelligences as they navigate the pitfalls of a relationship while learning to understand one another as they become more aware of themselves.  … read more

Episode #435 – Over Under

The guys from Over Under reminisce about their time on tour and what they realized about themselves when their dreams became reality. … read more

Episode #434 – Worlds Worst

Worlds Worst talks about their first time recording in a studio, what they call the “slacker ethos” and how it’s actually crucial to their band’s sonic fingerprint. … read more

Episode #433 – Anaïs Chantal

Anaïs Chantal sits down with SLUG Soundwaves to discuss her new album Where Do I Go?? … read more

Episode #432 – future.exboyfriend

Tyler Harris and Ian Kirby from psych-pop group future.exboyfriend sit down with SLUG Soundwaves to chat about breakups, playing Kilby Block Party and getting high at the gym. … read more

Episode #431 – Casio Ghost

Western surf-rock outfit Casio Ghost chat about the authenticity of playing actual instruments and existential inspirations in their music, such as the writings of Albert Camus. … read more

Episode #430 – Elowyn

In an exclusive interview with SLUG Soundwaves, psychedelic singer-songwriter Elowyn debuts never-before-heard songs from her upcoming album release. … read more

Episode #429 – The Apathetics

SLUG Soundwaves sat down with not one, not two, but all four members of The Apathetics! The band chats about the intersection between pop-punk, emo-punk and skate-punk. … read more

Episode #428 – Gonk

In an interview with SLUG Soundwaves, guitarist and vocalist Alex Sandoval of Gonk explains why people call their music "punk for kids." … read more

Episode #427 – RIP Cassette

Mark Dressman of RIP Cassette chats about quarter life crises, wrestling with dissonance and "looking back on this phase of [your] life as if they were polaroid pictures." … read more

Episode #426 – Lindsay Heath Orchestra

Multi-instrumentalist Lindsay Heath chats about the landscapes she visualizes when composing songs and the addition of heavier metal elements to her eight-piece orchestra. … read more

Episode #425 – Rachael Jenkins

Rachael Jenkins talks about their lyrics-first approach to songwriting, struggles with identity after leaving the LDS church and signing with a record label after posting songs on TikTok.  … read more

Episode #424 – Zaza Historia VanDyke

VanDyke chats about transitioning from playing in a classical orchestra to improvising as both a solo singer-songwriter and half of nu metal band DOOMCUPCAKE.  … read more

Episode #423 – Andrew Aguilera

Electronic musician Andrew Aguilera talks about his various projects, including Angel Magic and Mooninite, as well as his recent forays into ambient music. … read more

Episode #422 – Anode

In an interview with SLUG Soundwaves, Joe Phillips (aka Anode) discusses his obsession with rhythm and the lack of rules in creating electronic music. … read more

Episode #421 – Dante Lerae

Ambient electronic artist Dante Lerae reflects on his diverse range of musical influences from classical jazz to Daft Punk in this meditative, transcendental episode. … read more

Episode #420 – Sleep Cult

Ahead of their set at SLUG Picnic on Saturday, July 22, Isaac and Bryson from Sleep Cult chat with SLUG Soundwaves about their musical journey. … read more

Episode #419 – Assisted Living

Before performing at SLUG Picnic on July 22, Jade Whitlock from Assisted Living talks to SLUG Soundwaves about the "grungegaze" genre and their recent self-titled EP. … read more

Episode #418 – tvlen

Before he performs at our first SLUG Picnic of the summer, tvlen comes to SLUG Soundwaves and details his recently released album, the house is drowning. … read more

Episode #417 – HXSTAGE

Ahead of his performance at our first SLUG Picnic of the summer, unclassifiable local artist HXSTAGE comes to SLUG Soundwaves to tell his musical story. … read more

Episode #416 – The Moss

In between a string of festival dates and tours around the country, The Moss come to SLUG Soundwaves to talk about the origins of their alternative, beachy sound. … read more

Episode #415 – Josh Doss

Musician Josh Doss of Josh Doss & The Cancers joins this episode of SLUG Soundwaves to discuss the origins of The Cancers, his musical influences and the band’s upcoming performance...

Episode #414 – Igama

Ogden musician Igama hops on SLUG Soundwaves fresh off of his new album, Slow Steady Road, and discusses the origins of his quasi-ambient, instrumental sound. … read more

Episode #413 – Sangam

Jyothsna Sainath and Wachira Waigwa-Stone discuss Sangam, which combines classical Indian dance with musical influences from around the globe. … read more

Episode #412 – Ben Swisher

Ben Swisher discusses his philosophical approach to music, the origins of his new project, A Windchime, and more on SLUG Soundwaves. … read more

Episode #411 – Stella Standingbear

In this episode of SLUG Soundwaves, musician Stella Standingbear sits down with SLUG to talk about her upcoming EP, Still Standing. … read more

Soundwaves #410 – Lil Du Bois

Episode #410 on SLUG Soundwaves features local hip-hop artist Lil Du Bois. Listen to music from his new album, Portraits, and here the artist discuss the artistic melting pot of Utah and his...

Episode #409 – Saysha

Fresh off the release of her new single, "Our Imagination," local electronic musician Saysha comes to SLUG Soundwaves to tell the story of her musical journey.  … read more