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Bold & Beautiful: Terra Flesh

Terra Flesh possesses a tenacious spirit and radiant energy, infectious qualities that bode well for the future of Utah's drag community. … read more

SLUG Style: Brittany Watts

Whether you spy her at the bar or turning it up at the airport, Brittany Watts loves what she wears—and wears it with verve. … read more

SLUG Mag’s 2021 Brewstillery @ Artspace City Center 07.10

SLUG Mag's 2021 Brewstillery celebrated Utah’s breweries and distilleries, offering tastings of local beer and spirits from over 30 vendors. … read more

Sophie Schwabacher: Tapping Beer Nostalgia with Watercolor

Sophie Schwabacher is the gallery manager at Salt Lake City’s Modern West, where you can see her first-ever publicly displayed art series. … read more

Schmigadoon! Brings Mystical Musical Magic to AppleTV+

Schmigadoon! is is an energetic mix of old-fashioned musical fun with modern sensibilities, making it an entertaining highlight of the summer. … read more

Damn These Heels! 2021: Utah’s Top LGTBTQ+ Film Festival Is...

Resilience is nothing new for the Damn These Heels Queer Film Festival, which has been running strong and fighting the odds for 18 years. … read more

Content Shifter: 7 New Summer Series to Stream

In this month's edition of "Content Shifter," some stellar summer series! Here are seven new offerings to stream right meow. … read more

Writer-Director Sasha Collington has Love Type D and a Passion...

Love Type D is a refreshingly unique film that provokes laughter throughout, though there's more to it than just comedy. … read more

Hulu Documentary Nasrin Tells a Powerful Story of Heroism, Hope...

Nasrin tells the gripping story of Nasrin Sotoudeh, a courageous human rights lawyer and key figure in Iran’s women’s rights movement. … read more

Peachy Fingernail, PK Opal and The Mercy Seat @ SLUG...

The creative lineup—consisting of Peachy Fingernail, PK Opal and The Mercy Seat—at the June 2021 SLUG Picnic drew in a great crowd. … read more

Living Traditions @ Washington Square Park 06.26

The annual Living Traditions Festival provides an opportunity for those participating to share their culture through song, dance and food. … read more

SLUG Style: Eliana

In this month's "SLUG Style," Eliana's here and she’s got the club kid scene and a litany of hairstyles backing up her overall vibe. … read more

Mike Brown’s Summertime Activity Guide!

Mike Brown is back with a short list of some summertime activities for you and your dumb little buddies do to this summer. … read more

Hair is Hair: Laser Hair Removal is for Everyone with...

Laser hair removal experts Milan Laser Hair Removal dispel common myths about ditching your razor and ridding yourself of unwanted hair. … read more

The Sacred Resilience of Shea Freedom and the W.A.R. Gathering

On June 20, Shea Freedom's W.A.R. Gathering is bringing Juneteenth: A Celebration of Black Voices to the Clubhouse on South Temple. … read more

Genderfuq @ Urban Lounge 06.03

Urban Lounge opened their doors to an all-inclusive public audience to come celebrate each other through the event hosted by Genderfuq. … read more

9th Annual SLUG Cat Presented By Fat Tire @ Saturday...

Racers from across the valley converged at Saturday Cycles in hopes of becoming this year's champion at the 9th Annual SLUG Cat bike race. … read more

After a Rise to Stardom, Ritt Momney to Play 2021...

It makes sense that an artist with a name that’s essentially a simplified anagram of the more well-known Utah senator would hail from Salt Lake City. Although, I was first

Bold & Beautiful – SLUG LGBTQ+: Poppycock Visqueen

Orange wigs, campy performances and cheekbones cut so sharp they could slice you open if you get too close: Drag performer and artist Taylor Anne is all of these things

David Cross, Bigfoot and The Journey of “The Dark Divide”

Anyone who paid attention in their high school English class likely has some familiarity with “The Hero’s Journey.” It’s the template for most storytelling, wherein a hero goes on an

Queer and Now: How the Queer Spectra Arts Festival Captures...

Three years into its youthful tenure, Salt Lake City’s Queer Spectra Arts Festival has danced, swayed and spoken to the strange shifts of our world in more ways than the

Painting Music in Open Spaces: A Conversation with ZRL

ZRL, the trio of Zachary Good, Lia Kohl and Ryan Packard, discuss the artistic forces that informed their new album, Our Savings. … read more

Local Review: Arcadia Light – THE DOORWAY

Arcadia Light = 2814 + Macross 82-99 … read more

Local Review: DOGMA SOCIETY – Dogma World, Vol. 1

Dogma Society = BROCKHAMPTON (pre-Sugar) + Scarlxrd + KennyHoopla  … read more

Review: Anika – Change

Anika = Björk + St. Vincent … read more

Review: Mega Bog – Life, And Another

Life, and Another is good, underappreciated music, so take a Mega Bog rip and tell me you don’t feel the same. … read more

Local Review: Ben Brinton – Pocket Octavez

Ben Brinton = The Avett Brothers + Counting Crows x Flight of the Conchords … read more

Review: Jason Jamal – Sweet

Jason Jamal = Gallant x Jamie xx … read more

Local Review: Joel Willes – No Standards

Joel Willes = Ian Curtis + Ryley Walker + Emerson, Lake & Palmer … read more

Review: foodman – Yasuragi Land

foodman = Bataille Solaire - Etienne Jaumet … read more

Local Review: Jill Whit – time is being

Jill Whit = Phoebe Bridgers + Marina Allen … read more

Review: Liz Phair – Soberish

Liz Phair = Karen Carpenter + Steely Dan + Sufjan Stevens … read more

Local Review: KayFly – Just Wait

KayFly = Christina Perri + The Staves … read more

Review: Mabe Fratti – Será que ahora podremos entendernos?

Mabe Fratti = This Is the Kit + Gustavo Santaolla … read more

Local Review: FERRARI$MOKE – Cra$h

FERRARI$MOKE = Gunna + Lil Durk + Polo G. … read more

Review: Faye Webster – I Know I’m Funny haha

Faye Webster = Natalie Prass x Andy Shauf + Adrianne Lenker … read more

Review: SPELLLING – The Turning Wheel

SPELLLING = Tujiko Noriko + 2000s Kate Bush … read more

Review: Ayankoko – Khmu Thidin

Ayankoko = Mukqs + Lauren Bousfield + Jacoti Sommes … read more

Local Review: Worst Horse – Worst Horse

Worst Horse = Yeasayer +  Grouper … read more

Local Review: Mooninite – Lightworks

Mooninite = Flying Lotus + Teebs + Nosaj Thing … read more

Premiere: (Eli)zabeth Owens – “Oversoon”

SLUG is delighted to premiere "Oversoon," the new single from (Eli)zabeth Owens' upcoming album on Grimalkin Records, Knock Knock.  … read more

Local Review: No Shooting Friends, Joseph – Flicker

No Shooting Friends, Joseph = Rise Against + Sum 41 … read more

Local Review: Fur Foxen – Fur Foxen

Fur Foxen = Mutual Benefit x The Head and the Heart … read more

Local Review: Treason Angel – Ritual Squalor

Treason Angel = Puce Mary + Prurient … read more

Film Review: Stillwater

Stillwater does drag in places, but it’s an interesting story that didn’t go where I expected it to go, focusing on characters over intrigue. … read more

Film Review: Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise is a bit of a bumpy ride, but the lighthearted sense of adventure overcomes all obstacles and makes an enjoyable summer movie. … read more

Film Review: Old

Old is a nauseating spectacle that left me feeling angry, assaulted and distraught. M. Night Shyamalan continues his streak of mediocrity. … read more

Film Review: Val

The Val Kilmer biopic Val is an emotional journey that's rewarding and a bittersweet portrait of what it means to live and love as an artist. … read more

Film Review: Joe Bell

Joe Bell is a well-intentioned, fact-based film that has its strengths but just doesn’t live up to the sum of its parts. … read more

Damn These Heels! Film Review: See You Then

See You Then's bottled setting and dialogue-driven style give the film a casual smallness as it presents two flawed people trying to heal. … read more

Damn These Heels! Film Review: Shit & Champagne

Shit & Champagne the type of film that, come hell or high water, will keep on pushing through until you either laugh or leave. … read more

Film Review: Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy is a loud, frenetic mess, but as a family night out, it’s almost adequate on a certain level. … read more

Carlos López Estrada Showcases Poetry in Motion Pictures with Summertime

Summertime, a new show from Carlos López Estrada, follows the stories of 27 young spoken-word poets over a single, sweltering summer’s day. … read more

Film Review: Gunpowder Milkshake

Gunpowder Milkshake is well served as Netflix fare, feeling a bit too slight for theaters but well worth viewing at home. … read more

Damn These Heels! Film Review: Rebel Dykes

Rebel Dykes follows a breakaway squad of young lesbians as they champion sexual freedom from the iron grip of a Thatcher-gagged London. … read more

Film Review: Pig

There’s a certain entertainment value in the schlock that Cage specializes in these days, and Pig promised to be one of craziest. … read more

Film Review: The Tomorrow War

The Tomorrow War should be fairly popular with those who miss ’80s James Cameron, or at least ’90s Roland Emmerich. … read more

Film Review: The Boss Baby: Family Business

While sticking to the original's formula, The Boss Baby: Family Business is still an enjoyable family movie that comes dressed for success. … read more

Film Review: Black Widow

You were either going to see Black Widow or you weren’t but I would rank it among Marvel’s most interesting films. … read more

Film Review: America: The Motion Picture

America: The Motion Picture builds a bridge between idiocy and brilliance, even if it’s constantly running back and forth. … read more

Film Review: The Ice Road

As it stands, Jonathan Hensleigh's The Ice Road is moderately enjoyable but never rises much above that kind of faint-praise territory. … read more

Film Review: F9: The Fast Saga

F9: The Fast Saga is a hard movie to sum up for a review because it’s so big, loud and dumb that it makes Face/Off look like a documentary. … read more

Film Review: Good On Paper

Good on Paper proves to be aptly titled because regardless of how it looked on the page, it doesn't translate to the screen. … read more

Episode #368 – Nicole Canaan

Wherever was not only Nicole Canaan’s first EP, but her first time sharing her songs and all the emotions packed into them with someone else. … read more

Episode #367 – Iceburn

Episode #367 of "SLUG Soundwaves" features Gentry Densley from veteran experimental punk group Iceburn discussing their new album, Asclepius. … read more

Episode #366 – Backhand

For this episode of "SLUG Soundwaves," Jake and Ben Owens talk about the inspirational experiences behind local punk band Backhand. … read more

Episode #365 – Ritt Momney

Instead of sealing himself in a box for the sake of recognizability, Jack Rutter explores many shades of his personality through Ritt Momney. … read more

Episode #364 – Rade

Experiences with and observations of American injustice have led Rade to funnel their frustrations and encourage change through music. … read more

Episode #363 – Suit Up, Soldier

For Suit Up, Soldier, things are already looking up for a successful album release, with as a host of performances already lined up. … read more

Episode #362 – Dogma Society

Episode #362 of "SLUG Soundwaves" features the Utah-born collective Dogma Society discussing their roots, their rise and their future. … read more

Episode #361 – Portal to the God...

Episode #361 of "SLUG Soundwaves" showcases Scott and Clark of local avant-everything group Portal to the God Damn Blood Dimension. … read more

Episode #360 – La La Diabla

La La Diabla draws inspiration from garage and surf rock and delivers their sound through a punk aesthetic that is as noisy as it is groovy. … read more

Episode #359 – Runestomper

Throughout Cybernetic Schizophrenia, Herrera explores themes derived from video games and sci-fi novels through synth-heavy compositions. … read more

Episode #358 – ROUGH HANDS

As ROUGH HANDS, Josie Cordova explores the biological and natural functions of living beings through the matrices of computerized systems. … read more

Episode #357 – Peachy Fingernail

“I just want to make lo-fi pop songs with my garbage equipment,” says Polly Llewellyn, who records under the name Peachy Fingernail. … read more

Episode #356 – Savage Daughters

Savage Daughters share a history that spans many critical years of their lives and culminates in a sound that is full of chemistry.  … read more

Episode #355 – Spirit Machines

“We play classic rock brought into the modern age,” says Michael Collins, the drummer of the Salt Lake City–based Spirit Machines. … read more

Episode #354 – zonekidd

“You can never kill the idea, you can only kill the man," says producer zonekidd about their path toward self-fulfilment in life and music. … read more