Photo: @Clancycoop
A stunning example of insane craftsmanship at the Junction City Chopper Show.
Overlooking the festival grounds, we can see the crowds as they make their way out to the shuttle for the stops around town.
SLUG Cat racers in action.
Fouzia Abdirahaman of Kafe Mamai serves up some fresh cooked jerk chicken. Photo: Talyn Sherer
“Exist, Ignite, Resist, Unite, Persist the Fight!”
The Hives signage glowing behind the stage before the music begins. Photo: @Lmsorenson
View of what was going on outside at Slug Mag's Brewstillery. Photo: Jayson Ross
Photo: @clancycoop
Everything nerdy for sale at FanX19 inclluding massive posters. Pro Tip: Have a plan for storing such large purchases during the con, or you will be stuck holding it all day... Photo: @Lmsorenson