When it comes to SLUG staples, Intern/Writer Carl Acheson is damn near perfect. Whether it’s heavy lifting or meticulously cataloguing digital information, Acheson’s stalwart work ethic has helped keep the gears oiled at SLUG since September of 2012. Acheson enjoys everything he does for SLUG and our sister organization, Craft Lake City, but especially relishes reviewing live music like that of Bonobo. He gets his groove going with producer-oriented music from anyone like Purity Ring to Danny Brown, but isn’t too proud to get down with “bullshit rap” like 2 Chainz every once in a while either—and his favorite band is Interpol! Acheson is a man about town—you may have seen him riding his green fixie, Lucille, in cathartic bliss, solo, or at Urban Outfitters, carrying out his duties as Shipment Receiver. You can catch him at local food proprietors such as Eva and Washington Square, likely enjoying a good read, but don’t hesitate to say hello. He also writes for The Reaches, and holds the writing experience he gets from SLUG in high regard. Hopefully, Acheson knows how highly we think of him, too!