The mission of the Ummah exhibit is to focus on faith and value systems connecting people–in this case, connecting visitors to the tenets of Islam.
Leslie Anderson spent four years curating and collecting the featured artwork for the Power Couples Exhibit.
Photo (L–R): Daniel George, Carsten Meier
Whitney Tassie, UMFA Senior Curator, works with colleagues in the Department of Art and Art History to review applications and select those who will create the LeWitt drawing. Photo: @clancycoop
The Tolerance show in Finland was hosted at the Caisa Gallery in Helsinki. Photo courtesy of Mirko Ilić
Marisa Morán Jahn (Studio REV-), The Source, 2018, photograph, 40 x 30 in., featuring Aisha.
Chiura Obata at His Exhibition of Paintings by Rokuichi and Chiura Obata at the California Palace of Legion of Honor, 1931, courtesy of the Obata Family.
(Center, front to back) Angela Ellsworth, Seer Bonnet series (2010); Chakaia Booker, Discarded Memories (2008); Anna Campbell Bliss, Celebration (1985). Photo: @clancycoop
Gallery Stroll: Long Live Art!