SLUG beer experts Chris and Sylvia Hollands testing the Batsquatch pour.
Photo: Chris Hollands
Photo: Eleanor Lewis
Jason Stock's preferred beer style is a good ol' Stout. Photo by Chris Hollands
Photo by Andy Fitzgerrell
Photo: Chris Hollands
Unlocking the treasure, the pour is effortless. It surges into a willi glass with a gurgle of micro–air bubbles. Gathering to a head of pure-white foam, a shallow barrier is formed between the lips and the reward. Photo: Chris Hollands
With balance from the tropical hops, the finish presents hints of fresh grass and slight yet welcome bitterness. Photo: Chris Hollands
The added java may not affect the color, but it is a stronghold on the aroma. Photo: Chris Hollands
SeaQuench Ale pours a light-straw yellow that falls on the hazy side of the spectrum. Photo: Chris Hollands