As one of our newest photographers, Chad Kirkland appeared right under SLUG’s nose when he moved into his studio next door in July 2011. We gave him a friendly SLUG neighborhood welcome by soliciting his services right away and his first official assignment was done on our shared patio, awwww. Since then, Chad has photographed everything from quirky Localized bands to glamorous fashion shows and risque Princess Kennedy profiles, his photo cred gracing the pages of SLUG nearly every issue. In fact, you can take a peak at his work by turning back the page, as he’s our cover photographer this month, a photoshoot he claims to be his favorite SLUG assignment so far. When he’s not hanging out in our SLUG ‘hood, Chad works hard as a professional photographer, involved in commercial projects for the classy Italian-tie company Sette Neckwear, and working as the Art Director and Chief Photographer for Axl’s Closet, a hip children’s clothing company. Of course, Chad wouldn’t be SLUG’s Mister Rogers if he wasn’t generous. He’s been part of Help-Portrait the past three years, an event he looks forward to because he doesn’t "save lives on the daily with photography" too often. We disagree.