Ann Chen is a proud self-taught hand-letterer and typographer. She has recently started freelancing full time.
(L–R) Todd Garcia, Taran Leu, Matt Bennett, Kyle Ruff and Jason Fairclough come together to create what they call “aggressive sludge.”
The Fried Chicken’s hint of sweetness is a unique element that gently introduces the dish to the palate.
Jake Buntjer smiles from within his densely-stocked studio.
Becca Clason’s portfolio includes stop-motion and tactile lettering for Nordstrom and Facebook.
LaRue uses her skill set to take part in meaningful movements such as the Women’s March on Washington.
The mission of the Ummah exhibit is to focus on faith and value systems connecting people–in this case, connecting visitors to the tenets of Islam.
Such as with Good Grammar, designer Rachel Hodson thinks of her handiwork in the field of interior design more appropriately as “place-making.”
(L–R) Ben Dodds, Whil McCutchan and Josh West stay Together Forever to play and create music that they would want to listen to.
Helmed by Executive Creative Director Ryan Anderson (black hoodie) and President Kyle Curtis (sky-blue dress shirt), the Fluid team seeks excellence in helping to execute inventive branding visions for their clients.