Chris Proctor and Jeremy Riley (a.k.a. Team Ramrod) have been busting ass and slaughtering everything in their path  with SLUG for nearly a year. Proctor, the brains of Team Ramrod, is an all-around literary genious with superb writing skills while Riley, the brawn, holds it down with his trusty camera. Transforming into a two-man coverage machine, much like Robocop but instead of killing things with guns and weapons, they use their words and photos to destroy all in their way. They both have used their extreme knowledge and deep roots in the snowboard community to help plan and execute the stellar coarse at SLUG Games Prom Jam this past February. If you see a flash of bright light, a dreamcatcher flying through your plane of vision and some mumbled words, you can be sure Team Ramrod has kicked your ass and taken your name.