Our resident Goth aficionado, bred from the wetlands of Louisiana, Madelyn has been on our staff since 2009, reviewing everything dark and dismal that shuffles through the SLUG offices. Don’t let her penchant for doom and gloom fool you, though––she’s also an avid foodie with a soft spot for ethnic cuisine, and her warm descriptions of the food she reviews always have us drooling. Grab a napkin and check out her review of Plum Alley in this month’s issue to see for yourself. In addition to music and food reviews, Madelyn is also a talented photographer, an amateur naturalist, a beginner Magic: The Gathering player and, if you’re lucky, you might catch her DJing a goth-infused set here and there under the name d j . d r o w n. Oh yeah, did we mention she has a Masters in Public Folklore? Madelyn is one-of-a-kind, and we’re happy to claim her as SLUG staff!