(L–R) Alec Stanczyk, Matt Baird, Riachle Child and Jaxon Harrop push boundaries by providing as one of the only heavy-music instrumental bands in Utah. Photo: Lmsorenson.net
(L–R) Martin Theisen, Sean Dugger, Camron Sherwood and Bobby Doyle have been in the hardcore scene since the ’90s, shredding hearts and eardrums. Photo: Jessica Bundy
A shared moment with Tatum and Kallman.
Thalia Condo. Photo: LmSorenson.net
Michelle Moonshine & Co. Photo: LmSorenson.net
Damon McMahon and his touring band kicking off the Amen Dunes set.
Tweaking knobs on the Pocket Piano. Photo: Matthew Hunter
Photo: Logan Sorenson
Photo: Logan Sorenson
Pedro the Lion. Photo: Ryan Russell