October 30, 2013

Contributor Limelight: Jake Vivori

Jake Vivori is the kind of guy everyone needs as a friend. As one of our skilled photographers, he’s saved us in many a last-minute pinch, contributed countless solid ideas for our action sports content, and produced quality work that we’re proud to print in our pages. Jake moved to Salt Lake in August 2007 from the East Coast without knowing a soul, but his positive attitude and resourcefulness led him to success in our city, and he quickly became a sought after team member for SLUG Games. Now, Jake serves as one of our Action Sports Sponsorship Sales Reps and sits on the planning committee for SLUG Games and Summer of Death, along with his photography responsibilities. Outside of SLUG, Jake is an intern for the SLC Photo Collective Photobooth, recently graduated from SLCC with an Associates Degree in Photography, and is an avid snowboarder and a dedicated cyclist. If you see this awesome dude on the slopes or the streets, don’t miss your chance to meet him!